Our Eldest Children Are a Live Miracle

What’s your rank between your siblings? If you’re are the oldest one, that’s mean great news for you. You are in an especial position and you are distinguished. As you are the oldest one in your family, you have doubled in age. You aren’t old in years only, but also in thinking skills, the special treatment, and feeling excessive responsibility. That’s why the younger children are most rebellious.


More years, more intelligence.

Some results were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reveal that the eldest child is the smartest among brothers and sisters. A team from Norway claimed that birth order, IQ score, and social rank are a circle. But the most important is a social rank not just birth order. As the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sydney, some researchers found that the parent behavior effects on the mental ability level of children. The researchers measured the parental behavior including pre-birth and post-birth behavior. They also took into account the economic status of the family. The researchers found out that the first-born children enjoyed more intelligent than their siblings. As they increase in age, the differences increase between the eldest children and their brothers and sisters, especially in reading and comprehension abilities. Taking part in simple activities such as reading with the child, playing musical instruments, and crafts that gives the eldest children more mental stimulation.

The German researchers thought that the eldest children are smarter because they boost their brainpower through teaching youngest siblings. According to Dr. Julia Rohrer, the reason that the eldest children are more intelligent that depends on upbringing. Dr. Rohrer’s also said ‘the eldest child can “tutor” their younger siblings, demonstrating to them how the world works. Teaching in a good way needs high cognitive demands.  when eldest children teach their younger siblings, they recall their knowledge then put it in a suitable way to explain. 

Dr. Ana Nuevo found that the results for her researchers could be used to clear the differences in high achievement in education and employment. So that, the firstborn is more successful and ambitious as the previous studies have shown.  According to the Researchers at the University of Essex found that eldest children are 16% are able to reach higher education than their youngest.  Eldest children got a higher score in tests, such as in verbal ability and math. Otherwise, the youngest children got a better score in math and English. In another experiment researchers, eldest child was found to be ideal.

First child is a gift

From all above, we owned widely known that the eldest child is responsible, motivated, and conscientious. You may find them controlling, cautious, and bossy. You will love them as they are reliable, perfectionist, achiever, and leader. Finally, the eldest child is a treasure and if you interest in him you will get a great base for your family. And now if you are the older sibling you have scientifically-proven reason to boast how intelligent you are.

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