Eight Richest Countries In The World!

We often wonder which country is the richest in the world. Several lists are released but none of them literally shows the correct result. Today we have come up with eight of the richest countries in the world. Check them out only on WheeBuzz

8. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is not a very old country, yet it has reached the greatest of heights today. One of the most successful and richest countries in the world where the city of dreams Dubai is located. Making ‘Burj khalifa’ kind of landmark building in the World which is the highest, Dubai as well as United Arab Emirates have established their image in the World. The country’s GDP per capita is more than 68 thousand US Dollar.

7. Norway

You may get surprised seeing the name of Norway in the list but trust me it is one of the richest countries. The major source comes from the business. If you remember Norway was once the biggest Mobile manufacturer in the World having the classic Nokia. Today, however it is dealing with a number of other businesses. Also, the tourism is wonderful here. The country is listed in a happy country where people are very happy. Oslo is a beautiful city and its capital. The GDP per capita of Norway is more than 74 thousand US dollar.

6. Brunei

Brunei is an Asian country which might surprise some people of how it is in the list. Anyway, the country has been a land of kings and queens, which is also a factor of its royal feel. Travelling lovers must have visited the country at least once because it has such wonderful and beautiful scenery. Tourism is one of the major things of Brunei. GDP per capita is more than 79 thousand USD.

5. Ireland

A very peaceful and adorable country to live in, to visit or anything, Ireland is one such country that can never let your expectations about the country down. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Europe as well as World. GDP per capita is almost 80 thousand USD.

4. Singapore

The story of Singapore coming out of a normal state than one of the World’s most attractive and beautiful states, is the result of its people and the leaders. Singapore city, which is the capital city makes it one of the world business class cities. The capital cities is listed in some of World’s richest cities. GDP per capita is more than 90 thousand USD.

3. Luxembourg

Why Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in the World is something that can only be answered once you land in the place. Such a place where beauty rules. Luxembourg is a beautiful blend of nature and development together. It’s GDP per capita is more than 110 thousand USD.

2. Macau

It is somehow under China, but is the second richest country the world. Having much English movies essence on the city, it is popular for its lifestyle. GDP per capita of Macau is more than 122 thousand US dollar.

1. Qatar

Surprised!! Right? I know you are. There is no USA, UK or states like these in the list. The list is on the basis of GDP per capita income, which is when comes the difference. So Qatar is the richest country in the world having the highest GDP per capita income of more than 128 thousand United States Dollars.

Source- Metroworld TV



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