Eight countries with their most ridiculous rules that are too weird to believe!!!

We all know that rules and regulation are meant to keep a country organized and safe. It’s very important for us to understand that a rule of any country is important and if you don’t follow then you have to get ready to face the consequences. However, what you will do if the rules are too weird that you can’t even handle? Yes! There are several countries where you will not believe that they have laws on such stupid things. For making you aware, here we are listing the top eight countries with their most weird rules!

#1 Singapore:  Rules on chewing gum

Well, there is no doubt that Singapore is one of the beautiful places where we all want to visit. But make sure you have no chewing gum in your pocket when you are traveling to Singapore! However, if you are using gums for dentist reasons or for nicotine then you have your excuse!

#2  Arkansas: Rules on beating wife

One of the most stupid rules made by an idiot, Arkansas rules allow husbands to beat their wives, however, they are only allowed to beat twice in a month, not more than that.

#3 Lowa: Rules on kiss and mustache

These days’ men are having a trend to grow beard and mustache if you have the mustache and you planning on kissing women in Iowa then be aware because you are breaking one of the rules of that place. Yes, there is a rule where a man who has mustache can’t kiss a woman in public, and if he did then he will be arrested.

#4 Hongkong: Rules on cheating

If you found that your husband is having an affair with someone else and you are a citizen of Hongkong then you can kill your husband. Hongkong rules say that its legal if a women kill her husband if he is cheating on her, however, there is one twist she has to use her bare hands only.

#5 Samoa: Rules on forgetting birthday

Those husbands who forget their wives birthdates they have a very bad news here, in Samoa you can’t forget your wife’s birthday otherwise you will be in jail for breaking their rules.

#6 Switzerland: rules on toilet flush

Switzerland is a dream place where you want to visit, at least once in your whole life but make sure you don’t flush your toilet after 10 pm, why? Because it’s illegal to that in Switzerland and your neighbor can send you jail for that.

#7 Bangladesh: Rules on examination cheating

Honestly, there is no one who never cheated on their exams. But if you did this in Bangladesh then you will announce a rule breaker. In Bangladesh, it’s illegal for a kid whose age is more than 15 to cheat in their final exams.

#8 Italy: rules on Dog


If you are living in Italy and you have a dog then it really important you to know that Italy has a rule where every dog owner has to take them out for a walk at least for three times.



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