Earliest of Photos And The Stories Behind Them

A picture speaks a thousand words, a photo is not just a photo – it is a memory. I am sure you are familiar with these sayings. Have you ever wondered when were the earliest of photos taken? Do you know when did the world of photography started?

Probably not, this is why WheeBuzz has come up with the earliest of photos and the rare historical stories behind them.

The World’s first photograph

Thanks to Joseph Niépce who made it possible. Yes, the above image is the first ever photograph. It might be the earliest surviving photo though. Dating back to early Nineteenth century, there wasn’t  a thing like that, but Joseph Niépce took it from upstairs windows of the popular Niépce’s Estate in France. Heliography was the process through which the image was captured.

The first ever photograph of a Human

You would wonder where is the human really in this pic, right? Louis Daguerre was the person captured it. Yet again France witnessed a landmark photograph which later dubbed as the ‘first ever photograph of Human’. Hey, did you see the man standing and getting his shoe polished? If no, see the image again.

First Hoax Photo

Scary, isn’t it? The photograph was taken in the year 1840 by H. Bayard. Louis Daguerre, the person in the above post, and Bayard were fighting to claim the title of ‘Father of photography’. It is believed that before Daguerre introduced Daguerreotype, Bayard had developed his photography process. But, then, However, the announcement of the title claimed by Daguerre. Bayard, in a rebellious move, produced this photo of drowned man claiming that he had killed himself because of feud.

The Russian Revolution photograph

Yes, he is Lenin, the one who leaded the Russian Revolution that rooted out the Nicolas II of Russia, and the one who makes a branch of Marxism. One of the greatest leaders of Communism in the World who brought the ‘just’ ideology into the politics is remembered for his contribution he made for Russians. Broke up in 1917, the Russian Revolution thrilled the world leaving impact on India, Ireland, Japan etc.

An early photo captured a lady committing suicide

The photograph was taken in 1942 in Brooklyn. It was the time when going to army was the first priority of young males. The lady in the pic is Edna Egbert. She was committing suicide but she was saved by the policemen. She told of reason of why she was talking this drastic step.. she told she had a son who got married, joined the army and had never written to her mom since. Assuming the son dead, the frustrated and sad mother had no option left, she said. The incident was reported in the international news as Three Cops and A Woman In Life and Death Drama.

The First Strongwomen

Though the female bodybuilding remained unnoticed for some time. Strongwomen appearance became more prevalent in the sporting events of that time and were a common attraction. Later this became the rule-breaking trend and female bodybuilding got recognition from all across the World.



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