Dolly Parton Says More Power To You Women

When the so-called campaign #Metoo was heavily in news, a number of female stars talked about it. The campaign, as per a global newspaper comment, “worked as in strengthening the unity of women from all around the globe”. A lot has come out after #Metoo. Now, recently Dolly Parton, in an interview with Sky news, has talked about the movement, while talking about her 9 to 5 The musical, in the city of London.

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Dolly Parton is a legendary country singer renowned as one of the biggest singers alive in the World. The country artist talked about the issue gender inequality in the interview. She talked about how women are often discriminated when it comes to understanding their capabilities regarding works. Dolly Parton further went on to saying that there are places where women do not get equal pay.

Dolly Parton’s singing has always been a milestone for the whole music industry. Renowned for songs such as Jolene, Travelling man, Lonely comin’ down, and others, Dolly is a prominent female musician. In the same interview she also talked about being a woman in the music industry.

9 to 5 is Grammy award winning song that Dolly Parton wrote in 1970s.

She talked that how harassment is still not totally obsolete in the manner that women, not only gets less salaries in comparison to men, but they are considered less able for the same kind of works as well.

Dolly when said about herself said that she has had a wonderful career in the music industry. For a women, climbing these great heights is a matter of pride. Interestingly, she also admitted that she was hit on throughout life, and it is a matter of compliment, she added.

Talking more about her career in the industry, she said she never did anything wrong to climb heights. She further said she never slept with anyone for favours of industry, unless she had wanted. Dolly said all these things very frankly and comfortably. She said she knows more good men than bad men, and she also said that there “a lot of bad women in this world too”.

This interview showcased Dolly as person more than a celebrity. She said, “she is proud of being a women”.

The musical is making debut after 40 years after the original film. Yes, that’s right. The movie 9 to 5 came in the year 1980. She put her excitement well when she said “it is going to be fun”. She said that the musical, along with pointing some good things, also deals with important issues.

In the end, she summed up in the way that she doesn’t know what feminism means when someone asks her If she is a feminist. She said she has loved her life well. She is “proud to be a woman” and proud of what she does. She addressed the issue of gender inequality at workplaces. She gives the strong message, saying that there is a “long way to go for women”.Source- Skynews



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