Dark And Mind-boggling Facts You Didn’t Know

Today Wheebuzz presents you some of the horrible facts that you may ever come across. These are really horrible facts that would surely trigger a lot of curiosity inside you. Check these facts only on Wheebuzz.

Abraham Lincoln and the son

Abraham Lincoln was one of the most popular American Presidents of all time. He was 16th President and this fact is really strange. As we know that one of the sons of Abraham Lincoln was sadly passed away at not very old age. But, after the death of him, the United States President and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln had hosted a Occult seances in the President resident White House to try to contact their son. This was quite surprising and triggers a sheer curiosity, isn’t it?

“Taman Shud”

It was a very strange thing that happened in the year 1948. There was a person found dead on a beach in Australian city Adelaide on the very first day of December in 1948. After searching him, what found was a chit on which some texts were written. On decoding the text, it was founded that it was written “Taman Shud” which means ended or finished. Throughout the World, the Government tried to identify the man but nothing happened. Who was that man, how was he died and what can the text mean, are all still a mystery.

Albert Einstein could have been the President?

Yes, that is right. Well, history is a strange subject and we all know how much twists and turns it can give a human while reading it. But, read this facts, this will probably give you goosebumps for sure. Yeah, you read it right. When the State of Israel was formed, Albert Einstein could have been the President of the place according to boredomtherapy. But, Albert Einstein declined this.

The Largest living organism is not Blue Whale

It is a strange, surprising and amazing fact to read and to remember, for sure. I bet you consider Blue Whale to be the largest organism on the planet, didn’t you? Well, let us keep that aside and tell you the fact. There is a big giant Mashroom in the Malheur National Forest in Oregon, United States of America. Strangely, it’s root system covers more than 2,200 acres apparently making it the largest living organism in the whole world, even larger than the Blue Whale which most of us think.

Mummification is not originally an Egyptian concept

Also a mindboggling fact, I am sure. We all have been taught and learning that Mummification is an Egyptian concept and mummies were began in Egypt, but The Public Radio International reports suggest and reveal a different aspect to the same. According to them, an ancient South American culture called as Chinchorro were the first to deal in this. They first mummify their dead loved ones around 2000 years before Egyptians. However, the technique of ChinChorro and Egyptians are deemed to be different but still this discovery is huge in its own terms.



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