This Cute Pixar like Short Film Gone Viral is Guaranteed to Melt

An amazing Pixar like short video intended to be an animation thesis for two art students has gone viral and taken the internet by storm. In a Heartbeat is a tearjerker and one of the cutest short videos to hit the world of entertainment while boldly showcasing a bold LGBT theme. In a Heartbeat isn’t a voice of dissent, it is not a voice of protest or discrimination against the LGBT community, It isn’t a voice crying for acceptance, it isn’t blaming the world it is instead an honest and sincere portrayal of a young shy college going boy trying his best to come to terms with his own feelings. This goes to show that feelings of love are universal and not restricted to gender.

A Beautiful Theme of Love Irrespective Of Gender Preference a heartbeat

Pixar has always been in the limelight for their short videos and this little short is an exact animated Pixar like film which literally steals your heart away irrespective of your gender preferences. There is no denying the fact that In a Heartbeat isn’t so much about its gay theme than the theme of young introverted love.

The biggest hit of the film is the animated heart of Sherwin, the gay student who feels the utmost affection for another handsome boy of his institution. However Sherwin tries his best to subdue his feelings and the battle within is empathically portrayed as a physical tug of war between him and his adorable animated heart. Sherwin’s adorable jumping heart much like Pixar’s own animated objects could well become a Pixar logo in future. The film reveals how it never hurts to explore and reveal your true feelings gender regardless. Social media and big names of entertainment have praised the film where Adam Lambert also tweeted “: I love this’

In a Heartbeat is the biggest viral hit of the internet since last week

In a heartbeat has gone viral since its release last week chalking up 8 million views on YouTube and counting. It was made on a Kickstarter fund of $14000 by two Florida students of Ringling College of art and design as part of their animation thesis.  Beth David and Esteban Bravo admit though that their original idea wasn’t exactly a gay theme. Beth David revealed “The original pitch was a story between a boy and a girl, but it wasn’t until we made it about a same-gender crush that the idea really started to take form and resonate with Esteban and I,” a heartbeat

In a world where discrimination against the LGBTQ community is still being debated in parliaments across the world, In a heartbeat portrays how love is an integral part of humanity. Love knows no boundaries and is felt by all. One cannot help empathize with cute little Sherman where the film has a beautiful and heartwarming ending. Watch the amazing YouTube video of In a heartbeat; you’re definitely going to enjoy it.

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