Christmas Alert: Most strangest Traditions that people actually follow on Christmas!!!

Christmas month is started and lots of people are planning on how they make their Christmas special. There are so many things to do like shopping, cleaning house and doing another arrangement. The festival is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world by different peoples who belong to different places. well, these Different places have their own rituals and belief about Christmas and some of those rituals are too weird to believe, so here we are listing the countries and places where you will find strangest traditions that will blow your mind!

#1 Czech Republic: Shoe points decide whether you get hitched or not!

There is a tradition in the Czech Republic, where women use their shoes to know whether they will find their love in that year or not. The traditions are women stand opposite to their house’s front door and they toss their shoes back and if the toe side of the shoe pointed the front door than the women will definitely going to hitch with someone within the period of 12 months.

#2 Norway: Hide brooms to stay away from evil spirits

There is a belief that in Christmas is a month of Ghost and spirits arrival. For protecting themselves and their families, people hide brooms before they go to sleep. Its a tradition where they believe that hiding brooms can protect the house as well as evil spirits cant attack you.  it’s a belief that Spirits like evil witches stole brooms from the house at night if you didn’t hide it.

#3 India:  Banana and Mango trees instead of Christmas tree

India is one of the largest population countries, where the percentage of Christians is 2.3 only. But the festival is celebrated by everyone and everywhere. Due to lack of Christmas trees, in India, people use Banana and Mango trees to decorate.

#4 Germany: Sweet shoes and branch shoes

Sweets are considered as an important part of Christmas, but in Germany, the tradition is little different. On every December 5th, children put their shoes outside of their house and wait for next morning.  It’s a belief that those children were good throughout the year, their shoes will fill with sweets and those who are naughty, their will filled with branches of trees.

#5 Italy: Wait for the witch

Well, in most parts children wait for Santa Claus however in Italy, children wait for a witch. This witch’s name is Befana who is considered as friendly and good. The witch brings lots of gifts like toys and sweets for all the children on Christmas eve.

#6 Greenland: Mattak and Kiviak dish to taste

Well, Christmas is all about fun and food. There are lots of places where you find some unique dishes. In Greenland, your Christmas is incomplete if you didn’t taste Mattak which is made by whale skin and blubber and next is Kiviak which is a dish made by auk wrapped around skins of a seal and kept for seven months. You can only eat this dish when it is completely decomposed.

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