Celebs Who Have Been Married More Than 3 Times

There’s a saying ‘You should know when it is too much’. But certain guilty pleasures are not many enough and never too much (at least for these celebs). We have been talking about weddings. When you marry once and remain strong, you are romantic. When you marry twice you are practical enough to know what you want. But more than 3 maybe, just maybe, means you need a better scrutiny process.

WheeBuzz brings you a fun (and just for fun) list of celebs who have been married more than thrice.

1.  Frank Sinatra

It definitely must have been ‘witchcraft’ by the women around him that he ended up marrying four times in his life, or his bedside crooning manner of singing. You gotta fall in love with the man. He did fall in love and married to Nancy Barbato (1939-1951), Ava Gardner (1951-1957), Mia Farrow (1966-1968) and Barbara Marx in 1976 until his death. Maybe romantic singers are pure romantics.

2.  Billy Bob Thornton

BBT was famous for many reasons one of it was his infamous marriage with Angelina Jolie. He has been married 5 times exactly Melissa Lee Gatlin (1978-1980), Toni Lawrence (1986-1988), Cynda Williams (1990-1992), Pietra Thornton (1993-1997) and the latest was his marriage to Angelina Jolie from 2000-2003. Maybe he decided to quit after that. Who knows?

3.  Liza Minnelli

Liza Minelli has her own kind of reputation and strong singing background. But she too has a registered 4 marriage record in her name and we don’t blame her for that, I mean look at the picture. She was very famously married to Peter Allen (1967-1974), Jack Haley Jr. (1974-1979), Mark Gero (1979-1992) and David Gest (2002-2007). Maybe she decided to vest her time in something else now, or maybe another curveball is down the corner.

4.  Christie Brinkley

Look at the picture and tell us can you blame her? A supermodel with a hard to keep up with fire. She was married to Jean-Francois Allaux(1973-1981), Billy Joel (1985-1994), and Richard Taubman(1994-1995). She later ended up marrying Peter Cook in 1996 but it ended in a very bitter divorce after the infamous Cook’s cheating scandal in 2008.

5.  Pam Anderson

Former Playboy model and Baywatch star is famous for many reasons, not all really good. One of the reason is also her famous four marriages. She was married to Tommy Lee (1995-1998), Kid Rock (2006-2007) and Rick Salomon (2007-2008). January 2014 she announced that her former husband Rick Salomon and herself remarried secretly. So though she had 3 husbands, she married 4 times and qualified for this list.

6.  Geena Davis

Stuart’s mom and dear Mrs. Little, doesn’t have a little list. She too has been married 4 times. She first married Richard Emmolo (1982-1983), then Jeff Goldblum (1987-1990), and Renny Harlin (1993-1998). Later she took the plunge with Dr. Reza Jarrahy and hopefully they will always have their marital bliss alive.

7.  Elizabeth Taylor

There’s no connection between more the beautiful, more the number of marriages, but she difinitely married 8 times. She has a long list of marrying Conrad Hilton Jr. (1950-1951), Michael Wilding (1952-1957), Michael Todd (1957-1958), Eddie Fisher (1959-1964), and Richard Burton (1964-1974). Taylor remarried Burton (1975-1976) and then married John Wagner (1976-1982) and Larry Fortensky (1991-1996). That definitely is a long and successful list.

8.  Larry King

His name kinda makes it clear that he is a king and I guess you can’t blame him for marrying 8 times. He is a legend when it comes to his TV interviews. He was married to Freda Miller in the first half of 1950’s, Annette Kaye (1960-1961), Mickey Sutphin (1963-1963) and Alene Akins (1963-1966). He then remarried his Alene Akins and had kids. He then took his turns of marriages with Sharon Lepore (1976-1984), Julie Alexander (1989-1992), and Shawn Southwick in 1997. The final marriage, we hope, remains final and stable which it is still.

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