How can deep sleep improve women’s life amazingly!

Your physical health depends on sleep basically. The rebuilding of your heart and blood vessels based on your sleep. To avoid the heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, you should have stable sleep.


 As Jim Horne said “One of the major functions of sleep is to allow the brain to recover and repair itself. When you sleep deeply, the part of the brain which is responsible for memory, language and so on. Disjoint from the senses and goes into recovery mode.” 


Women’s brain

If you have an active brain and use it all the day, you need to recover it so you need more sleep for that. Women’s brain is more complex so they need more sleep. Women’s brains connection is different from the men’s. women use their actual brain more than men do because they do many things at once with flexibility. More brain’s cells, more multitasking.

 So, they work and rear children, this is regarding a unique structure of women’s brains. While mother’s today having a full-time office job, the also grow babies, breastfeed, grow babies, parent, and run the home.

Women’s sleep


When women have poor sleep, it’s greatly related to high level of physiological distress, hostility, anger, and depression. As women do many lift tasks, they need more time to sleep. They also fall and stay asleep difficulty.

Little sleep time has bad results as more accidents, concentration problems. Their accomplishment at work or school may be decreased as a result of poor sleep. It also increases sickness and weight gain. To have sufficient sleep is so important, but the most necessary is how to sleep.

For women, there are many conditions which influence on their sleep like menstrual cycle, regency or menopause. Levels of hormones changes during these periods, impact on sleep. Women should understand these effects on their lives as estrogen or progesterone, environmental agents or life habits. This gives them a great night’s sleep.

Sleep’s vital mission


People whose age is more than 18, need   7 to 9 sleep hours. Sleep has an amazing function, it gives the brain a delicate solution for the most basic needs.

In the sleeping brain, the cells relax and shrink this allows Cerebrospinal fluid cascade into the brain and go outside of each blood vessel. CSF responsible for bringing all the waste together which has built up through the day and get it out of the brain.


Women’s sleep duration

The study of US National Institute of Health declares the hour’s number of sleep that is needed each night according to age group adult women who aged between (18-46) need to sleep from 7-9 hours.

But pregnant women need additional sleep hours depends on each woman. Older adults that over the age (64 years old) need to sleep from 7-8 hours.


It’s obvious all us (women, men, and children) need to sleep so much. Life pressures make women struggle to get and relaxation because they need a full mental physical and emotional capacity for each and every day. Finally, to get the most benefit of your daytime, you have to give yourself extra 20 minutes.  



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Written by Rasha Hany

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