Here, Bringing New Year ‘s eve 7 traditional food that will bring good luck and fortune in this year

New Year is about to come and surely everyone is planning on how to make this New Year amazing! Well, not just you but the whole world is thinking about something different and interesting for the upcoming New Year eve. There are various traditions and beliefs around the world that will surely be going to amaze you. These traditions also believe that eating some kind of things can bring good luck and successful year. However, there is nothing given about how much all these stuff is accurate but surely you can’t just deny eating such tasty dishes in the new year. And even after eating these listed foods didn’t bring any luck for you then at least you will celebrate your new year with a full stomach.

#1 Cornbread

Well, in the Southern United States, Cornbread is one of the luck-bringing food as its color resembles the color of gold. To make sure or to add extra luck, people eat Cornbread with Corn Kernels. So don’t forget to try this!

#2 Noodles

The long noodles without breaking is a symbol of long happy life, In Asian countries like Japan and China, people believe that by eating long noodles will bring longevity.

#3 Any kind of Round Fruits

Various countries like the US and Europe, their custom says that eating 12 round fruits will bring wealth and also round shape stands for coins. However, 13 is a traditional number in the Philippines.

#4 Pickled Herring

If you want to get the luck of bounties then you have to eat pickled herring at midnight of new year eve. This tradition is famous in cities of Western Europe. It also stands for future fortune and silver stands of coins.

#5 Pork

Here you get the choice, if you are not the big fan of pigs then you can eat whatever that comes with a shape in pigs. Countries like Spain, Cuba, and Portugal, pigs are known for moving forward. The beliefs say that pig never moves back as it stands for success, and there are also some other reasons that make pigs so special.

#6 Fish

Well, Doris Lum who was a Chinese expert in cuisine quoted the word fish as ‘ go to good luck food’. In book, Good Luck life that was based on chines celebration, the writer Rosemary Gong said that a whole fish including head to tail symbolized that your whole year will go great and filled with happiness

#7 Pomegranate

Pomegranate is known as a compact package of good lucks as there are various things in the fruit that stand for thousand lucks. For example, the red color stands for the heart of human and life as well as fertility. The medical goodness of the fruit represents the good health and the shape of pomegranate are for the unity and hope. It also is known for starting a new thing with all freshness and good thoughts, so if you want to do a new start then don’t forget to eat Pomegranate on your new year day!



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