Black Panther Created History, Becomes The King of Superhero Movies

I know you must have seen Black Panther but in case you have not watched Black Panther yet, here is one more reason to go and watch it. Black Panther is one of the most popular movies of this time, and there is no doubt about it. People from all over the World are enjoying and loving the Marvel film.

WheeBuzz presents you the reasons why Black Panther is the most celebrated movies today and why it is deemed as the king of superhero movies now.

Highest domestic grossing superhero movie of all time

Well, ‘The Avengers’ in the year 2012 made it really big by becoming the highest domestic grossing superhero movie but now Black Panther in the last week of March went on the top becoming the highest domestic grossing superhero ever, collecting an amazing $630.9 million breaking the ‘The Avengers’ record of $623.4 million. This made Black Panther the king of Superhero movie in literal sense.

About Black Panther the movie

The movie is directed by Ryan Coogler, starring Chadwick Boseman in the role of Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita and Danai Gurira. The movie is a beautiful product of Marvel productions which is distributed by none other than Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. As promising as Marvel movies are, Black Panther too is a comic character with the name Black Panther itself.

Speculations rolled out

Ever since the movie has come out with the new milestone in the history of Superhero movies in Hollywood, speculations have been started to be made. The film is well acclaimed by the critics from all over the World and has been described a never before superhero movie from the Marvel Production, means a better movie than any superhero movie ever. However, here is an unfortunate thing. Black Panther may not be able to hold this precious record for a long time as on April 27, ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ is coming out and that too is going to be one of the most promising superhero films as well.

Also Avengers is the series people are super crazy about. So it is expected that the new Avengers movie may pass Black Panther.

In the Global market

Well, as being the highest grossing superhero movie in the domestic market of the United States, Black Panther is inching towards being the third highest grossing superhero movie in the Global market, all set to leave behind the popular 2013 year movie ‘Iron Man 3’ whose collection turned out to be $1.214 billion. The top two highest grossing superhero movies in the global market are ‘The Avengers’ and the ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. Black panther is now considered a bigger success than Jurrasic World and Stars Wars for numerous reasons. Also, the media coverage  Black Panther got made it all clear than this film is going to be a big hit. Across the World, Black Panther has been quite popular, acclaimed by global movie critics and collected a huge amount.

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