Biggest Food Chains In The World

Hey foodies We know you love hanging around and find good food places to make the enjoy worth. Fast food restaurants are quite popular these days. Whether it is hot summers days or the cold wintery nights, fast food restaurants always have delicious to serve. Today Wheebuzz brings you 8 of the biggest of food chains in the World.

8. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts ranks eighth in the list. Being an American company, Dunkin Donuts has been set up in more than 11,300 location all around the globe, which certainly makes it one of the biggest food chains on the Planet.

7. Pizza Hut

When Pizza Hut is there for you to serve Pizza so where else to go. Almost 60 years of the sunshine for the Company, Pizza Hut is renowned for its unique Italian-American cuisines which are celebrated in the Whole world. Pizza hut is really one of largest food restaurants chains having set up in more than 13,700 locations.

6. Domino’s Pizza

A yet American food restaurant which is globally renowned for its services. Headquartered at Ann Arbor in Michigan, Domino’s Pizza is an age old corporation founded in the year 1960. Today, it has emerged as a big food chain having present in 14,200 locations.

5. Burger King

15,000+ locations in the World and a delicious taste, what else do you need to know about a food restaurant chain success and popularity. Burger king founded in 1953 troubled financially and eventually turned out to be one of the most successful food restaurants in the World.

4. KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken or the KFC is a popular food company which is specialized in fried chicken. The company started during the time of the Great Depression by Colonel Sanders. The experiment of Sanders made the food started a company loved by millions, having 20,400 locations.

3. Starbucks

The coffee house chain Starbucks is popular for two things. One is its symbol and secondly its more than delicious coffee. The Washington based company was founded in 1971 and ever since then it has been serving to masses and become the third largest food chain in the World having set in more than 25,000 locations.

2. McDonald’s

Hurray!! What a name right? McDonald’s is certainly one of the biggest and most popular food chains ever founded on Earth. Having 36,900 locations, McDonald’s is the second biggest in the list. The history of the same can be traced during the second World War time in 1940. The logo itself of McDonald’s brings you a sensation of happiness.

1. Subway

And the biggest and the most popular food restaurant chain on the Planet is Subway who is set up in more than 44,200 locations all around the globe. Specialties of Subway include Sandwiches and Salads. It has become quite a fast growing franchise and spread in more than hundred countries. Next time you go out of home, must try the biggest food chain store.

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