Beware, Excessive Phone Usage Creating Horn Like Growths In Skulls Of Young People

No one can deny the fact that young people spend most of their time on their mobile phone no matter how much they deny it. You just have to look around and notice how most of the people either walking or travelling on public transport are busy on their phones.

It’s time to take into consideration the biological impacts caused by using our phone excessively. Scientists have stated that overusing your phone can lead to the development of horn-like figures on your skull. WheeBuzz brings you this report

In Australia, researchers have discovered an unusual development of bones behind the skulls of humans which is due to a bad posture.

You may have ‘Text neck’ when you bend over your phone and this transfers the weight to the back of your head. This causes the growth of bones near the ligaments and tendons according to a research published by the BBC in scientific reports.

What David Shahar, a health scientist at the University of The Sunshine Coast, Australia said

“I have been a clinician for 20 years, and only in the last decade, increasingly I have been discovering that my patients have this growth on the skull.”

The ‘external occipital protuberance’ also known as the horn like growth is located at the lower back of the skull just above the neck.

Check the base of your skull

You need to check the base of your skull to locate this horn which can be really disappointing to find. If you are bald, it will be easy to locate as it is visible from the back of your head.

Shahar and his colleagues have analysed more than 1,000 X- rays of skulls of people from the age range of 18 to 86, taking account of the a person’s posture and spikes.

1 out of 4 people have the growth


This horn-like spike was discovered in many people in the youngest age groups.1 out of 4 people in the age range of 18 – 30 has this growth.

According to the research team, 41 per cent of young adults have this horn where men have been affected more than women.

These horns or bony spurs can grow bigger

Shahar had said that these horns may continue to grow bigger and bigger as we continue to hunch over our phones and they will never go away. Researchers has advised that you should maintain your posture to prevent its growth and it doesn’t cause any problems.

The same bony growths can also appear if you hunch over a desk all day long. Activity is the key to preventing such things happening.


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Written by Andrew Alpin

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