Best One-off Cars That You Can’t Afford

Cars are awesome. There are some really very few models that are very unique and in most cases almost everybody is incapable of buying them. They are some of the most finest and unique pieces that have ever been manufactured. Be it style, speed, technology and driving experience, they are really one-off cars, probably best of all time. Here are the best one-off cars of all time, only on Wheebuzz.

6. Macros Mantis XP

It is one of the most adorable and evergreen cars that have ever manufactured in the World. Macros Mantis XP was not meant to race, and this is one of the one-off cars. One of the websites called it “The wildest car ever”. This is for a reason. I mean, just look at the photo, it just appeals you from within and makes you feel super classy in all the ways possible.

5. Alfa Romeo TZ3

It is also called as Alfa Romeo Giulia as well, was a racing car and sports car which was manufactured from 1963 to 1967 by Alfa Romeo. This car is rightly considered as one of the most popular one-off cars. This pic seems like something you want to see, want, live and feel, isn’t it? Well, believe it or not, Alfa Romeo TZ3 was among the most favourite cars of that time.

4. F1 – Powered Renault Espace

Just look at this pic, do you not think it is wonderful to even have a look of in real life. F1 – Powdered Renault Espace can be something that will adore you in the best of ways. You may not find it the best of cars for in terms of speed, but it is a show car. However, in true sense, this is a one-off car constructed out of the carbon fibre. Beautiful to see or even have a glimpse of, this car is one of the top pics, for sure.

3. Fitch Phoenix

You know what makes an Italian car stands out of the crew in whatever way possible? It is the very fact that it is Italian itself. And, you know Italian cars always have this unique and classy look that really makes them awesome. Fitch phoenix is one of such car that is one of its own kind, and at the same time is elegantly designed. According to a sports website, Fitch Phoenix is termed as “One of the most elegant designs of all time”. Well, in my very honest opinion, Fitch Phoenix is truly commendable.

2. Jaguar XJ13

I believe saying it ‘just awesome’ is probably the insult of this car. I mean if you look at this car, you would probably end up being speechless. Jaguar XJ13 was the car built in 1960s but the fun fact is that the car was never raced. There are few cars that are not only for being the eternal, XJ13 is one of them.

1. Corvette Rondine Coupe

This is a 1963 epic and classic piece that may be deemed as the best one-off car of all time. Looking at the model, it suggests that it has been manufactured to rule the beauty. And guess what? It is on the very verge.



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