Best New Year Resolutions For Life And How To Achieve them

Coming of the new year brings fun, entertainment, parties, and a lot of happiness and excitement for the whole of the year. But, it also comes with the new year resolutions. You have resolutions every year but sometimes you achieve them and sometimes you don’t, and probably this is why new year resolutions are famous and infamous. Today WheeBuzz has come up with 6 new year resolutions that you should consider while entering into 2019. This article may be your life guide.

Make more friends, cut bad ones, and keep the best ones

When I am saying make more friends, it is important to note that I am also saying to cut the bad ones and keep the best ones. Humans are social species who need people to talk, to share their feelings with, to enjoy with etc. In this way, making more friends could prove to be a good resolution of the year.

Keep fit

This is probably the most popular and pre-existing resolutions for the year. I am sure every second person has some year or the other has had this resolution. Well, achieving it is utmost difficult. Try to wake up early, this is where fitness literally begins. Exercise for some times in a day, say, start from 25-30 minutes. Lastly, keep a check of food that you take.

Be more humble a person

Being humble does not come easy, for sure. It is not an art, humbleness comes from within. It takes hell lot of guts and righteousness to achieve this, but this trait is very much achievable. It doesn’t take much to help a needy, It doesn’t take much to care for the ones who love us, it doesn’t take much to be a better person, right?

Travel goals

Travelling is something nobody can hate. It doesn’t just bring positive vibes, but it also rejuvenates you from within. Make this year more of a fun and do it by travelling.

Make a list of all the places that you always wanted to go to, make a list of all the destinations that you had always been skipping due to some reasons. Try to travel as much as you can, because travelling is, according to me, the need of the soul. Feed it well.

Take experience of life

We have often heard that life is a journey that we all travel. It is a deep line. Life is a journey that has experiences because after all it’s life. Life is actually the goofiest, funniest and the most beautiful, yet thrilling journey, like they say “Truth is stranger than fiction”. So, this in 2019, be ready to experience new things, new people, new towns and cities, and everything that comes your way, because remember, in the end we all are going to have memories… It does not matter how wealthy or rich we are, how many friends we have had, how many cars we have owned, what matters is the kind of life we have lived, the kind of memories we have. Yes… Memories made during journey of life matters. .

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