Best Before And After Compilation Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World

The world is changing and the article is about that only. Today WheeBuzz has come up with some of the most beautiful buildings or places that have undergone a huge change, making it enough for everyone to believe that the world has really changed a lot.

Have a look of such places.

Sultan Abdul Samad building, Kuala Lumpur

BAs is evident from the above, Sultan Abdul Samad building of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has gone an incredibly massive change with time. Like any other beautiful building, Sultan Abdul Samad building is also a beautiful place to visit, attracts a number of tourists from all across the world. This building is a perfect example of how a place can change with time drastically.

Koln Domplatte, Germany

Through some people may believe that the building has not gone a change but the pic is evident. Well the truth is the building hasn’t really changed much externally but it is certainly a different building from the inside. Actually the pic is taken during the second world war and ever since then the place has undergone a huge change.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Seeing this image, one may definitely say that Pripyat of 1986 was much better than that of 2016. The age of the place may not be that much as it was founded in the year 1970, but it too, like others in this list, has gone through a change that can’t be ignored for its beauty. Today, the city is as beautiful as one would love it to be.

Martin Luther Statue, Dresden, Germany

The Martin Luther Statue in Dresden in 1945 and the same building now is tremendously different. During the second world war, as most of the places were collapsing in the war areas, Martin Luther Statue in Dresden was one of them. The above image shows that right remains alive, no matter what because from then and now, the statue remains alive.

Quai Des Nations, Paris

No need to tell what change it has gone through. The city of Paris is known for its own kind of lifestyle and fun. One of the things which adds up to it is Quai Des Nations. Over internet, it has been popular for having undergone a massive change in the past. Well, the current scenario is that it is equally beautiful, isn’t it?

Hammerfast, Norway

You know, Hammerfast in Norway is my favourite example for a number of reasons. Just look at the changes that have appeared from 1889 to 2004. Difference of more than a century, Hammerfast is an excellent example of how a place can change and become even more beautiful than before after the emergence of population in a region.

Marcin Street, Poland

Oh my god!! That must be your expression on seeing this pic, right?

Well, a yet another photograph from the world war time that has risen through the ashes. Poland was one of the most affected regions into he whole of Europe during the second World War. Today, however, Marcin Street looks really awesome and clean rendering no clue that such massacre had ever happened over here.



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