This Beautiful Dutch Village without Roads Is Like a Fairytale Out of a Storybook

If you want to experience a fairytale in real life then let WheeBuzz take you on a magical picture tour of this beautiful village of Gierthoorn in the Netherlands.

There is no location on the planet that is as exotic, pretty and picturesque as Giethoorn, a postcard-perfect village which has one fascinating and amazing feature unlike any in the world. Believe it or not, Gierthoorn has no roads except for narrow bicycle paths. It is connected with waterways where people travel in boats which is why it is called the Venice of the Netherlands.

No Modes of Transportation except Over Water

Giethoorn is picture perfect. If you ever decide to visit this quaint magical wonderland, it will blow you away at the fact that places like this exist on earth. The beautiful fairytale Village existed as far back in history as 1230. It has a rich history surrounding it and could well be something right out of a fantasy movie or a land of dreams.–bike-trails-the-villages.jpg

Connected by canals

Giethoorn has no modern modes of transport where the entire village is connected by waterways and you have to travel by boat or foot.

The boats are also magical and are called whisper boats because they make no sound when moving. This gives a sense of peace and tranquility making Giethoorn a haven especially when it isn’t the tourist season.

A Fairy Tale Village Right Out Of a Storybook

Gierthoorn is a storybook village. Serene, tranquil and peaceful where the only possible sounds you may hear is of birds chirping, ducks quacking and trees rustling as the tourist brochure say.

The Venice of Netherlands

As the Venice of the Netherlands, The first inhabitants of Gierthoorn discovered several peat deposits around the village. After unearthing it, the peat created several holes and cavities in that formed into natural lakes.

Islands were also created in the process were then connected with an infrastructure of 176 bridges to create what is now the fairy tale Gierthoorn, the Village without roads.

Gierthoorn has approximately 2620 inhabitants

Gierthoorn is located in Overijssel, a Dutch province 5km southwest of the city of Steenwijk. The remarkable Village is a major tourist attraction that attracts more than 200, 000 Chinese tourists annually. The actual population is only 2620 people. The village is accessible only by boat.

Gierthoorn’s origins lie in a 10th-century flood that made the entire area a marshland. Inhabitants discovered several hundred Goat horns, hence the name ‘Gierthoorn’.

Beautiful Flowers and Quaint Houses

Gierthoorn has plenty for the tourist seeking a tranquil getaway. If its waterways are its main attraction, its beautiful pretty flowers in bloom adorn every house whose pretty structures are a visual delight just like little fairytale houses.

Gierthoorn is truly a tourist paradise and a must visit at least once in a lifetime.


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