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Baby Mia Aflalo Shunem, 5 Years Old, Tempting the Instagram with Her Luxurious Long Hair

Long hairs have always been the most fascinating thing about a girl, especially when they are kids. Although all the kids are cute, pretty, innocent, and loveable with the simplicity they attain, there are a few of them who would just take away all your hearts. Mia Aflalo Shunem is the one who has around 50,000 admirers at such an early age,5. She is from Tel Aviv. You can see visit her Instagram profile at #miaaflalo.

WheeBuzz presents to you Baby Mia Aflalo Shunlem who is known for her luxurious long hair

She has walked as a child model at British Vogue, she is a best child ever, is down to earth. She never complains or argues with the people she works, Sagi Dahari her hairstylist says.

While she is to be a rising Diva winning thousand of heart with the luscious hair she has, her mother is being slammed for exposing her baby girl at such an early age. Some say it can be risky as the world is full of both good as well as bad people in an equal ratio, she should stop and let her enjoy her childhood days, the make-over routine, the fancy dresses, focus light and the camera’s flash can be equally harmful to her.

However, she is the best thing today on the internet you would find. Be it a girl of 5 or a woman at her 40s, having such long luscious adorable hair is a dream of every female on this earth but, only some are blessed like Mia Aflalo.

People who have seen her pictures and cute videos of her #goodhairday with her hairstylist are in an awe state. Her latest picture in the red colored top and long cure are got 7000 likes and still counting more. And her Bow with the hair in the cute little frock is just wow.

Some people wish to have their daughter the way Mia is, as mention in their comments. “Stunning little Lady”, “Perfect” are some of the common comment she has received from her fans on her picture.

We wonder, managing such a beautiful hair is a big challenge she must be facing apart from the fact she is a model and has so many stylists around to take care.

There are rumors, it is a fake hair she is wearing, but Mia is getting so much love from the public which cannot be fake at least. No one can take their eyes off her pictures and the videos, she is so pretty. She may not be much aware of the life she is living, “model” but certain will be proud of when she is 20. And would Thank her mother for raising her so differently. Although she is being trolled for her baby daughter, we hope she should not go with the flow and take her off the camera as not work is riskless, and nothing is easy. Keep going baby girls MIA AFLALO, we all love you. Your fans are eagerly waiting for more pictures.


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Written by AnanyaGhoshal

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