Americano, Espresso, Cafe…. Worlds different types of Coffee !

When you say coffee, the first thing that comes to mind is a simple cup of milk, sugar and coffee. This is a usual norm, but coffee is served in weird combinations all over the world. The routine followed by everyone all over the world is to wake up and get a strong cup of coffee to energize themselves. Coffee is believed to give you the energy when you need it the most, be it at work or home. The only difference in which it varied worldwide is in the method in which the coffee is prepared. Here are a few ways in which coffee is served around the world.

Yuanyang is a strong powerful drink that is either served hot or cold. It has three parts of black coffee and seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea, a mix of black tea and milk that together makes this amazing drink.


Irish Coffee ! Well who doesn’t know about Irish coffee. This coffee-cocktail mix is a favorite among the whole world. It consists of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar. This is topped with a thick cream making it an exclusive drink.


Flat White is same as a latte. But it is smaller in volume. This smooth coffee is made by pouring milk foam of milk over a dash of espresso. This is a heavy drink that is loved and enjoyed by all.


Frappé was first made by a Nescafé representative in the early 90’s. This drink is quite popular during summer in Greece. This drink consists of iced coffee which mixed in oozing heavy milk foam.


Espresso Romano is completely Italian. This refreshing drink comes with a slice of lemon, which is said to bring out the sweet essence of coffee. This refreshing drink is best had cold on a summer afternoon.


Cà phê đá is very sweet and very strong. This Vietnamese drink is served iced. This variety of coffee by mixing coarsely ground dark roast coffee, condensed milk and ice through a French drip filter that gives out aromatic Cà phê đá .


Kaffeost is a hot coffee. This is poured over chunks of cheese curds also known as  juustoleipäin. This may sound weird but the Finnish people just love this unique combination.


Türk Kahvesi is a special coffee which is prepared by simmering ground coffee beans to the aromatic coffee. This procedure is done in copper or brass pots known as cezve. The speciality of this drink is that it is unfiltered and you get to drink the coffee with its grounds.


Café de Olla is a simmered coffee that is brewed with a cinnamon stick. This traditional Mexican coffee uses piloncillo instead of the usually sugar which is an unrefined cane sugar. The speciality of the drink is that it is served in a clay mug that oozes out the codes flavour. You will find everyone in Mexico sipping this tea to get a refreshed feeling.


Cafe Bombon is mainly Brewer for those who enjoy a sweeter side to their coffee.  Spain’s cafe bombon is deeply thick and sugary. To this an equal amount of condensed milk is added to the black coffee making it heavily sweet.


Café Touba is a drink that flavored with Guinea pepper and cloves. These spices are mixed and powdered with coffee beans and roasted. This mixture is then combined with heavy cream milk to give it that punch. This is the ideal mix you want to be sipping on a cold evening.


A Mélange is like a cappuccino. This drink is an espresso that is topped with steamed milk and milk foam or some whipped cream and cocoa powder making it heavily creamed. This coffee can be paired with savory scones and enjoyed.


Cafezinho is considered Brazil’s national drink that is enjoyed and had by all locals. This is served in small quantities but is very strong flavored like an espresso. The only difference being cafezinhos are pre-sweetened that brewed with the sugar to give it the extra sweetness.


Mazagran Is refreshing coffee drink that unit silly originates in Algeria but the Portuguese were the ones to add a tangy lemon flavour to it. This consists of espresso and lemon juice or soda to give a fizzy taste to to your usual iced coffee.


Café au lait is loved by French people as their morning drink. This is made with equal parts of steamed milk and freshly brewed coffee. Well, the Germans love to have their coffee by dipping croissants into it.


Spiced coffee is a rich blend of dark coffee with warm spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg .This drink is highly flavorful and is a Moroccan favorite be it young or old.


A Cuban sandwich is everyone’s favorite. Another favorite and popular thing associated with Cuba is its coffee. Café Cubano is a small drink but it is strongly flavored. Café Cubano is an espresso that is brewed with sugar.


Pharisäer is a drink that is a speciality of Germany. This boozy drink is made of coffee, rum, and sugar, and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings making it a heavy affair.

Saudi Arabia

Qahwa is served in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. This coffee  is made with a mix of spices like ginger, Clove, cardamon, cinnamon and saffron. To get rid of the strong bitter flavour this coffee is served dates.

Hong Kong

Yuenyeung is a popular mix of coffee in Hong Kong. This consists of a mix of coffee and tea. The drink is served hot or cold. This can be made using different types of milk teas to give it exotic variety of flavours.
A few drops of freshly brewed coffee into a glass of warm milk, cold milk or milk foam is the one that is common all over the world. Though coffee is known as a staple drink worldwide, different flavours and additions make it unique to certain places. So it’s time for you to go grab or brew your favorite among the above coffee list and let us know which one you enjoyed the most.

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