A Documentary on The Haunted House From The Conjuring Has Reported Bizarre Occurrences’

There are many haunted houses out there and even more horror movies but a movie based on a real haunted house is the something which gives the heebie-jeebies. This is exactly what the paranormal group and explorers “Ghost Adventurers” experienced when they visited the now famous Harrisville Home, Rhode Island, 2019.

The house was made famous by the Perron family


This house is now world-famous thanks to the bone-chilling movie the “The Conjuring” released in 2013 which was based upon the real-life experiences of the Perron family living in this house during the 1970s, which even involved the famous Ed and Lorraine Warren for their help for the family. But the documentary made by this ghost hunters in 2019 actually made the fear much more real as they stripped the fiction part of the whole story and bared the fact of the hauntings which is still very much active to this day in that house.

Weird and strange activities from the moment they shifted in

The Perron family started experiencing a series of weird and strange activities in the house from the moment they sifted in, starting from seemingly harmless occurrences like things going missing, strange noises in the house, to mildly disturbing sudden appearance of a pile of dirt in the middle of recently cleaned kitchen floor, to the really horrifying viewing of apparitions and ghosts.

The house had a notorious and tragic history

Carolyn Perron did detailed research on the history of the house to find out that this house was originally built in 1736 with a family who lived in this house for 8 generations and many members of the said family died in strange circumstances. Like several of the children drowned in the nearby creek, one was murdered, and most disturbing one was the fact that a couple of family members hanged themselves in the attic of the house. It was at this juncture Ed and Lorraine Warren were called out to help this family.

The spirit who was haunting the house

In 1973, while the family was going through its worst phase of ghost invasions and attacks on them, it was discovered that a spirit named Bathsheba Sherman had cursed the house or anyone who wished to live in the property. Bathsheba Thayer was born in Rhode Island and married Judson Sherman in 1844; they lived near this area where allegations of her being a witch first surfaced. She was found with a dead kid from the neighborhood who was impaled and was basically tried for murder but was released as there was no concrete proof of her guilt. Many believe most of the story is speculation. But then how to explain the horrific events which happen in the house even today?

The present owners are paranormal detectives who report strange occurrences

In fact, the present owners of the house are paranormal detectives themselves Corey and Jennifer Heinzen have also felt strange happenings in the house regardless of the time or hours of the day. He has experienced black mist moving about the house, footsteps,  unidentifiable ad disembodied voices, knocks and the scariest of them all is lights flashing in rooms which do not have any light in them! he has also seen a painting being knocked over from the wall and thrown at an angle and weirdly still standing upright! No wonder Lorraine warren said that whenever she spoke about this house, she still gets affected.

James Wan an avid horror movie lover and maker selected this irresistible story of Perrons family from 1973 and shot in the real house they lived in with all those horrors which became a cult movie of the decade.

Hidden facts have been uncovered

The family still stick to their story of the house and even one of the sister features in the documentary which will be aired soon. According to Zak Bagans, the lead investigator of the Ghost Adventures, the team has managed to uncover some hidden facts about this eerie house too.

Also, Jay Weasley, another cast member spoke to the media saying it was indeed a scary experience you investigate the house but an honor as well. Bagans who is an experienced ghost hunter is truly excited to investigate this home even though he has been warned by many about its potentially dangerous consequences of investigating this terrifying house. But all this, as well as the history of the house, seems to be fuelling the enthusiasm of his team members.


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