9 Weirdest WTF Gifts That Are Given By Lovers On Valentines Day And It’s Too Much To Handle

Valentine month is started and very soon valentine week will going to start. Well, it’s a festival for those who found love in their life and for a chance for those who are still looking for that. Valentine day is a day of hope, trust, and affection that you show by giving gifts and doing other things. However, one of the crazy parts is to select the gift as it is a time-consuming process and also you don’t know what to buy something new every time. Finding the perfect Valentine gift is sounds like a miracle otherwise you just have to stick with chocolates, cards, and flowers. But, there are some people who go beyond everything.

WheeBuzz is presenting top most  9 weirdest valentine gifts that people actually bought on a special day! Not just it will help but also you will understand that it’s better to stick with simple chocolates and cards instead of buying this kind of stuff.

#1 Guns: made of soap

Okay here comes the question, why you ever want to gift a gun soap to your boyfriend or girlfriend? Well it’s a fine to gift some kind of scented and romantic soaps but A Gun soap is really weird idea until or unless you are not dating any goons or mafia

#2 Inappropriate Cards

On valentine day most of the people bought cards for telling how much they love each other and how much they appreciate the presence of that person in their life but this too much to handle! Don’t you think?

#3 Embryo Pendant

Okay, we are talking about romantic stuff, Embryo Is not romantic no matter what it says. And gifting such things on Valentine can seriously damage your image for humankind.

#4 Kama Sutra Cookies

Talking about weird gifts this one should be on the top list. Sweets and chocolates are one of the most popular gifts that are bought on valentine but these Kama Sutra cookies do not just look creepy but it’s too weird to see this.

#5 Beetle Backpacks

One of the confusing things about this bag pack is why anyone bought this not just for valentine but in general also. This gift is not romantic but also kind of the waste of money which you should seriously need to avoid.

#6 Dog Poop Soap

No matter how much your partner love dogs, he or she is not going to appreciate dog poop soap as a valentine gift. Also, it doesn’t make sense at all!

#7 Valentine Sloth Cards

If we didn’t get enough doses of creepiness then this one is going to complete that. Sloth card is a whole new definition of ‘WTH’ valentine cards. They look creepy, and even terrifying on so many levels.

#8 Meat Products in Heart Shape

Just don’t ask why or what because these things actually exist on this planet and there are some people who literally bought it and gifted to their partners. Nevermind.

#9 Love Toilet Paper

Someone took ‘ love is everywhere’ thing very seriously. Love toilet paper is printed with sweet and romantic and also weird messages that you will only get when you will go for pooping.


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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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