9 Most Strangest And Weirdest Wedding Traditions That People Actually Follow!

A wedding is one of the beautiful part any human being. There is no doubt that every culture has their own traditions and customs, but there are some countries who have weirdest and strangest customs that you ever going to know. And the best part is, people actually follow such customs for making their married life happy and blissful. Here, we are presenting the best weird traditions of different cultures and countries!

Here WheeBuzz listing 9 Most Strangest And Weirdest Wedding Traditions That People Actually Follow around the world.

#1 Sparta

Well, the dressing is something that is extremely important for a wedding. In Sparta, there is a custom that the brides cross their dresses with groom, also they need to shave their heads before the wedding

#2 Germany

Every married couple wants to have a life with happiness and health, in Germany, the couple smashes the plates as there is a belief that it will keep the evil power far from their married life. Also, the couple cleans the mess as it will keep their life happy and cleaning the mess together will let them work whenever they face difficulties in their life.

#3 France

Well, one of the most beautiful places where anyone wants to get married but their customs is pretty weird. The wedding couple has to drink leftovers from the toilet bowls.  However, nowadays people use chocolate or champagne in place of Leftovers, the belief behind the tradition is giving an strength to the couple for their special wedding night

#4 China

In Tujia, Brides cry every day, hour, even month until the wedding day. In China, it’s a tradition where bride’s mother and Grandmother also join the bride as it expresses the joy of wedding in different voice tones.

#5 India

Well, this tradition is not for everyone but the bride has to get married to tree If they fall under the ‘Manglik’ category. It’s a belief that those women who born in Manglik hours are cursed and if they didn’t marry with a tree before their marriage then the groom will die early. Also, after the marriage, the tree needs to cut down to break the curse forever.

#6 Scotland

The soon to be bride get pelted by dirty and spoil things like dead fish, rotten food, and tar. After that, she tied whole night with a tree, the belief behind the custom is that if a bride tolerates all this stuff then she will be able to face any kind of issues in her marriage.

#7 Korea

You want to get beaten by fish and cans before your marriage? Well in Korea, the groom get between his feet. The custom belief is that it will help to know the strength and the character of the groom.

#8 Ireland

During the wedding, the feet of the bride should be on the floor and the bride needs to keep her feet on the floor. According to the tradition, if the bride fails to do that then the evil spirits and fairies will take her away

#9 Sweden

During the wedding, if a groom left their seats for using washroom then the rest of the guest have to kiss the bride and vice versa, and if the bride left then the guest have to kiss.



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