9 Smart Cities of The Modern World

The concept of smart cities is not that old, in fact it is newer, and the article of the day on this site is regarding that only. Forbes has recently released the list of smartest cities. But before sneaking into the list, let us first get to know what is a smart city exactly.

What is smart city?

The smart city analysis depends upon angles such as sustainable city, social cohesion, environment, economy, governance, technology, urban planning, mobility, International outreach and transport.. nine in total. These dimensions are the ones that are kept in mind while declaring a city smart city.

Here are the smartest cities. Check them only on Wheebuzz.

New York

New York is one of the most developed cities in the World which is an epitome of smart city. The financial capital of United States of America ranks first in the smart city list. After all, it is considered as one of the most expensive cities in the World. Talking about global economy, New York controls in to a large extent.


The fun capital of the United Kingdom is one of the smartest cities on the planet. Where there are reports that London is one of the most liveable cities in the world, it is a high-tech and advanced one, for sure. Also, the city attracts huge crowd from all around the world.


London, Paris and New York makes the trio in the best, most developed, and now the smartest cities on the planet. Paris is known for its tourism and hospitality, because of Eiffel tower. Along with that, the city is one of the smartest cities on Earth.


Tokyo is a city that caters you peace and blessings. Known for its discipline and responsibility, the capital city of Japan is one of the best cities in the world. In Asia, it is probably the most advanced City that shines globally as well. Of course, it deserves to be a smart city, right?


Seoul, the South Korean capital may surprise you because of its name in the list, but do you know Seoul has always been a smart and developed city? It is one of the very few cities in Korea that have shinned on global platforms. Especially environment and mobility is just superb here.


Okay, this city can not be exempted from any of the list which contains world’s most developed and smart cities. Singapore is a globally competitive and technologically advanced city in Asia, and is one of the most liveable cities because of its super clean environment.


Canada is a peaceful and happy country. It has hardly been remembered for being in any war or so. It is a clean and clear state, and it’s capital city has all the 9 dimensions required to be a smart city. Toronto may not be the world’s coolest place but it is certainly the charm in the west.

Hong Kong

This city freaking deserves to be here because of its 33 rank jump. So you can very well understand why Hong Kong is World’s leading city in terms of technology and other things. But, more than that, Hong Kong is known for its incredibly beautiful skyline. ‘The city of skyscrapers in the East’ could not be a bad name for the city.


I have always been a lover of Amsterdam’s beauty. This place is a heaven in itself. Probably, one of the cleanest and most liveable cities on the planet, Amsterdam is one of the smartest cities as well. When it comes to sustainable development, Amsterdam is one of the top cities in the World.



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