9 Of the Creepiest Websites You Will Ever Come Across On the Web

Well the internet is one such place where people of all sorts of inclinations and thought process can join, create a group with like-minded followers and even garner popularity with their rather unconventional interests which they turn into full-fledged websites which can be described for the lack of no other suitable adjective-“insane”

WheeBuzz brings you  10 of them who fit the bill.

1. Evacuation of the Earth

As with people with a nihilistic view of the world that have foreseen a dystopian world in which invariably the earth is destroyed through some great disaster and this site which is called “Angel’s Heaven” is the only path of survival or escape. They have tones of weird subcategories which are equally weird like disaster warnings, Atlantis, incarnations. Even control programs of the dark forces and degree of the population already influenced by them. There are articles on the state of humanity and many cosmic friends for our medicines, diets and TV!

2. Last Statements of Executed Offenders

Some people might have called it really “disturbing” as this website of the Texas Department of criminal justice actually quotes the last word of executed offenders on a page titled executed offenders. Also, these are authentic words taken from the Texas Department of criminal justice’s official website! All the information regarding the 529 executions since 1982 have recorded in details with name, age, crime, prison number, race and finally the “ last words” uttered before dying. Well, the good news is the website has career options in it seeking for many new positions to be filled! So if you are into grotesque well this is the place for you.

3. The

You would think who would be interested in this ghastly list of accessories made of human skin well you are in for surprise. The belts, wallets and shoes are in highest of demands, very expensive and usually have a long wait list of clientele. The claims the human skin after processing is the softest and smoothest of all. Surprisingly this legal business is conducted by the regular supply of skin which was donated by the donors before their demise and it is usually the abdomen and back skin which is used for the manufacture. Feeling queasy? Welcome to the club!

4. Worshipping Satan

The website is all about looking at the patterns of the weird website this satanic website was a natural progression. The idea is to summon the “true Satanism” which is different than the common perception of satanic worship. Here data is recognized in his truest form in his horned glory and treated like a God. It’s full of Satan’s doctrines, with separate parts informing how to initiate the process, articles on ideas if death, afterlife and hell and guess what it even comes with audio sermons!! Well, we do not even want to know what they say in there.

5. Deathdate: Know the Day you’ll die

Yes, if you are morbidly inquisitive enough to know when you are going to die then is the website for you. Just fill up a few details like your date of birth, name, and gender, Age etc. once you are done 3 possible causes of your future death will be presented to you which is either water, heat (?) and diseases. Incidentally, if your due date has already passed do not be elated as the new date will be calculated when the grim reaper would come to fetch you again. To justify their website they have a list of famous celebrities whose death had already been predicted.

 6. We are not real

This website will really take you away from reality. Based on a paper published way back in 2003, this website “simulation argument” argues that humans are living in a make-believe universe, where their real self-lives in a parallel universe. The movie Matrix was somewhat inspired by this concept. It confidently predicts the complete end if human race and future will be a complete simulation. Even now they claim that we live in a simulated environment which is ruled by aliens!

7. Free Really Creepy Stories

Named “Creepypasta” this website dedicates itself to the stories submitted by real folks about their experiences .which is later shared with all the members. The stories are not at all PG rated as they involve gory, violence, foul language, taboo topics. Reasonably you have to above 18 to access this site. This site greatly encourages posts from its member readers by the creepypasta prompts”

8. Plane Crashes Audios

If you are deranged enough to dig into all the gory details of the nastiest plane crashes since the 1920s till this date then the is the website for you. It lists all Sorts of crashes such as civil and military airship crashes, commercial and military helicopter disasters even test flight ac accidents. That’s not all, this site steps up its ante by posting gruesome pictures of the crash sites, statistical reports, 100 worst accidents, unusual crashes, famous deaths and last words. But without question, the most disturbing part is the MP3 recording of people screaming and panicking moments before the crash. Which is enough to give you sleepless nights for weeks or even months?

9. World Births and Deaths

Well, this is the ultimate site which would jolt you from your escapist lives and bash your head first in the world of ugly and hard-hitting facts of life and death in real time. There are 2 panels in this site which locates your country automatically and shows a death or a birth every second on both sides of the panel. There is a world map which indicated specific death and births at any given point of earth at that very moment. You thought you’ll feel like God but in the end, you’ll feel suicidal for sure, adding to their statistics.



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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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