9 Notorious Ghosts and Their Intensely Horrific Origins

We all love bit of fun and creepy ghost stories on a  stormy night, but the fun ends abruptly when we do some research about these tales and find out their gruesome origins. What makes it even more bone-chilling is the fact is that most of the “stories “we enjoy are true events of past. The macabre part of the whole thing is that the term “ghost” as we sometimes choose to call them are actually created when someone has a most traumatic and painful death. Maybe that’s why the age-old adage sticks true even today-“never make fun of the dead”.

WheeBuzz brings you true stories of 9 notorious ghosts and their horrific origins.

1. Little Marion Parker

12-year-old Marion Parker did not survive her kidnapping. This one is a textbook story of a kidnapping gone horribly wrong. Psychopath Edward Hickman kidnapped 12-year-old Marion Parker in 1927 to get a ransom from her rich father, Perry Parker. But, things went horribly wrong when she wrote a letter for help to her parents “Dear Daddy and Mother, I wish I could come home. I think I’ll die if I have to be like this much longer…”.  Hickman intercepted the letter and in a fit of rage strangled the poor girl, mutilating her arms and legs with a razor!×500/7019c76fdc9de072c42693446052ed83

This was not the end of his barbarity. He powdered the dead girl face, sawed her eyes open and combed her hair. He placed her torso on the back of his car to meet her father who gave him the ransom which he took and fled.Hickman was arrested and executed in 1928 but poor Marion didn’t pass on. Her spirit still lingers in her house at 1631 S Wilton Place, in Los Angeles, California.

2. The ghosts of LaLaurie Mansion

Dr. Louis and Delphine La Laurie were the life of New Orleans posh society in the 17th century.  They epitomized everything that was considered elegant for their guests to see or to fool them. The reality instead was that this horrid couple was brutally torturing and mutilating their servants and slaves. When the house caught fire in 1834, firefighters found the charred remains of the cook chained to the stove, secret doors with chained and mutilated slaves living in cages. Men and women were found with their eyes gouged out and fingernails ripped off and most of them were either dead or decaying or were in semi-conscious states.

The notorious La Lauries had already fled by now and could never be traced back. The house was ransacked by an angry mob once the truth came out. Though there were some brave attempts to renovate the house and make it livable, no one could honestly stick around for long due to its horrid past and some say that apparitions of the slaves can still be seen on the balconies and their painful screams still resonate throughout the house on 1140 Royal Street.

3. Young Christine Darby returns from the grave as a black-eyed child×0/filters:quality(100)/

Christine Darby was just 7 years old when she was abducted and kidnapped in Cannock Chase, England in 1967. The Kidnapper Raymond Morris later molested, killed and buried her body in a makeshift ditch. A crime which he had committed twice earlier, as well as the truth, came out when he was arrested and convicted for the murder.

The legend goes that Christine could never pass on and still haunts the Cannock Chase countryside as there have been several reports of a black-eyed girl appearing in that area. They say it was due to the blindfold she had on when she died, gives her the black eyes now….creepy!

4. In San Antonio, a bus of children met a chilling fate

This one is a really tragic story and you would agree once you are done reading the whole story of San Antonio Bus children’s fate. In the 1930s a bus driver with 10 kids in his bus was stuck on the rail tracks and before he could try starting the engines, the bus was rammed by a train killing all the kids as well as the driver instantly.

The most gut-wrenching part of this tragedy is the urban legend which has been created and believed so much so that many have left their cars on the same rail tracks, only to see it move and pushed mysteriously to safety. If you sprinkle baby powder of flour on the car bumper you’ll notice something gut-wrenching…several sets of small hands and a pair of large hands.

5. The walls of Clifford’s Tower drip with blood

Anti-Semitism was rampant in England in 1190 and it was fierce in the county of York. The Jewish community was being ostracized and brutalized and they sought refuge inside a battlement tower and barricaded themselves from those who were trying to kill them. This tower which was better known as Clifford’s tower was unfortunately not strong and mostly made of wooden palisades. Surrounded by angry mob many of the Jews self-immolated themselves rather than face much more brutal death outside.

Others who did survive inside the tower were not that lucky either as they were massacred by the bloodthirsty mob anyways. It’s no doubt that these gruesome events would not leave an imprint paranormal. Many locals have seen the dead still walking around the castle and what’s even more gut-wrenching is the fact that, every year on the anniversary of that horrid day, the whole wall of the tower bleeds red still!

6. Constance de Beverley Paid Dearly For Breaking Her Vows

Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire, England is Ancient; it was built way back in 657AD. It’s this abbey which housed the ill-fated nun Constance de Beverley, who had the bad luck of falling in love with a young knight and therefore broke her chastity vow.

This was a sacrilege and she was punished for it in the most macabre manner for it. She was bricked up alive into the walls of the abbey and left to die. One can hardly imagine the fear and horror of the nun and the frantic screams to be let out! Many feel those screams still resonate from the ruins till this day.

7. One Little Girl Survived the Black Death In Vain

In York, England, a family who lived near the cathedral during the bubonic plague l had an especially heartbreaking fate. When the townspeople heard that the parent’s had caught the plague, they ritually bolted and corded off the house so that the infection would not spread. But the girl was healthy and no one noticed that.

She not only saw her parent die in front of her but she kept on screaming with her face up against the window to let her out. Finally, she died of starvation as no one came for her rescue. It’s believed that girl still peeps out of the window and looks on at the passerby to find the one who would finally set her free forever.

8. The Greenbrier ghost testified against her murderer

In 1896, Elva Zona Heaster a 22-year-old and unmarried mother fell in love with a blacksmith Trout Shue and married him against his her family’s wishes. One day Zona’s body was found at the bottom of the staircase by an errand boy. Trout didn’t want any suspicion from the coroner and quickly took the body to the bedroom and dressed her in funeral dress and acted morose and agitated. So much so that the coroner just made a cursory check and declared the cause of death being “everlasting feint” which was changed to “childbirth” later on.

Zona was not pregnant that time. Zona’s mother Mary Heaster was visited by her daughter’s spirit to tell her how her husband broke her neck and killed her. Mary made sure the body was exhumed immediately and further examination proved the point true. Her husband was arrested for 1st-degree murder and he died after 3 years in jail. Oddly enough Zona never made any more appearances either to her mother or to the world at large. It was as if her purpose to get justice for successful and she moved on.

9. The screams of Elizabeth Pratt can still be heard in Fort Mifflin

Love marriages were frowned about in Victorian society, especially in the early 1800s. Elizabeth Pratt lived with her husband and daughter in Fort Miffin. But the daughter fell in love with one of the officers and eloped with him angering Elizabeth and she disowned her. Unfortunately, the daughter didn’t fare any better on her own either, she contracted dysentery and died.

This death without reconciliation drove Elizabeth raving mad. She ultimately hung herself from the second story balcony, where she was later discovered by the soldiers. Even to this day, people believe her screams can be heard in the fort.


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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