The 9 gates of ‘hell’ around the world which can take you to the darker side of the Earth!

‘Go to hell’ Most of us use this line when we are angry or feeling frustrated. But do you ever wanted to really visit hell in your life? Here, we are not talking about any kind of hell or type of hell; here we are talking about the real hell! There are lots of stories that the history of earth contains, in which there are some spots from where you can enter the hell. However this is truth or just a fiction, nobody really knows it but still all those places have a different kind of stories that you should really know.

#1 Mount Osore: JAPAN

One of the most haunted and mysteries place in Japan, Buddhist beliefs that this place is a mark of hell as well as heaven entrance. The story says, one soul need to cross the river if you have done well in your life then you will reach to heaven without facing any difficulties but if you have done sinful things that you are going to cross the river of snakes and other dangerous reptiles.  According to Japans’ history, mount Osore is protected by guard of hell ‘ Jizu’.

#2 Stull : KANSAS

This small isolated town has a great dark story, the history of this town says that stull was once a great town filled with lots of people but because of one thing they left this town forever. In town, there is a church where lots of witchcraft was performed in a history by witches. Behind that church, there is old tree where one woman accused as a witch was hanged.  After that, suddenly that place turned into mysterious spot.  According to the locals, on Halloween night, there are some ‘steps’ inside the church which can take you to the hell. However, there is no coming back as it will be your final goodbye

#3 St Patrick’s Purgatory : IRELAND


According to the people, Christ showed this place to saint Patrice and told him that a  cave can take people to the hell.  The place is surrounded by monks and buildings but still, this place is forbidden for people to visit on regular days. Some people believe that these buildings and monks are the guards who are protecting the entrance to hell. However, every year people come together to take a part in three day pilgrimage tour where they devote themselves here.

#4 Diros Cave : GREECE

This place is home of Hades who was a ruler of underworld, the story is mentioned in Greek mythology.  Also, this cave was built as temple where thousands of people give their life as offering. There is a hill which have a temple where God of seas has worshipped that you can easily see from this spot, according to history that hill is watching this cave as well as protecting from thousand years.  Also, because of that hill no one can enter inside, as the god of seas is making sure that no one discovers this entrance of hell ever.

 #5 Mexican Cenotes : YUCATAN MEXICO

Here you can get lots of caves that were inhabited by the caveman once. Now all those caves are isolated especially after the ceiling clasped and this beautiful sight turned into burial place. Not just that, there was a skull founded staring at divers directly, no one knows whose skull was that and how it landed there but they believe that maybe that person was trying to escape from underworld.  Apart from that, there are more than 125 bodies that were founded at the bottom of this place. And still no one knows how they reached at that point.

#6 Ploutonion at Hierapolis : TURKEY

This place has one of the strangest stories ever.  The Ploutonion was founded in 1965 and according to the founder of this place; this spot was dedicated to the ancient god Pluto. Apart from this, there is a small cave where only one man can enter and there are stairs that lead somewhere. People still don’t know where those stairs ends, however lots of people died because that cave consist bad omen (according to science, carbon dioxide) which is sent by the god to save the entrance of hell.

#7 Houska Castle: PRAGUE

The castle has so many weird, mysterious and horrifying stories. The People of that era claims that they saw dark creatures flying as well as half man and half animals wandering here and there. There is pit inside the castle that also known as entrance of hell.  the people asked prisoners to go inside with the help of hell as they were granted to give pardon if they confess whatever they saw, one man tried to help but  as he entered inside people heard him screaming and when they pull him outside. And the scariest things happen, the man was turned aged, as his face was white and hairs were grey. The people said that he aged almost 30 years from his real age within seconds!

#8 Hekla Volcano : ICELAND

The place has one of the most active volcanoes where you can see world’s most dangerous explosions of lava, this place claimed by locals that the volcano is emerging witches and gathering the powers from them. They also said that the place looked so dark and dangerous which gives a feel of hell.  There are also many stories that you can hear if you ever visit this spot.


#9 Lake Avernus: Italy

This place is originally a volcanic crater that later on turned into a lake, the people beliefs that this place is an entrance to Hades (God of hell and underground).  Not just that, the lake is surrounded by lots of creepy and dangerous things. There was a time when Romans used t live here but now the island is isolated. The people who left they told that they heard lots of creepy voices here. Not just that, dark shadows and images was also seen under the water.




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