8 Richest Female Musicians In The World 2018

The list includes some of the biggest names in the music industry. Coupled with hot outlooks, these singing divas make killer money, yes I said killer money!!

Here are the richest female musicians in the world, as per the latest survey and reports. WheeBuzz presents you the list of Richest female musicians 2018.

8. Jennifer Lopez

$315 Million×488.jpg

Jennifer Lopez or JLo is really one of the sexiest and richest female musicians in the world. With popular songs like on the floor, Puppy etc, Jennifer Lopez has touched every milestone that the girl deserves. Well, in terms of music itself, Jennifer is genius. Hip-hop, R&b, salsa, rock and what not?

7. Barbra Streisand

$340 million

A versatile singer, filmmaker and one of the richest female musicians Barbra Streisand is a 76 years old American singer who is still quite popular among music lovers. A 6-decade long career has earned her fame, love of people, and of course money. Honoured for a number of awards, and excellency cultivated in this huge career, Barbra Streisand is today one of the richest female musicians with $340 million.

6. Shania Twain

$350 million

“Queen of country pop” is what the nickname is. It clearly denotes her talent and skills, right? She has sold over 85 million records worldwide, and it would not be wrong to call her one of the best country musicians today.

5. Dolly Parton

$450 million

Singer, songwriter, humanitarian, businesswoman and actress Dolly Parton is one of the multi-talented girls to have entertained us till now. Her list of music awards, too, is quite fascinating and charming. She has won prestigious eight Grammys, 3 American Music Awards, and 10 country music association awards. Isn’t it fascinating?

4. Mariah Carey

$535 million

Have you heard about the album “Vision of Love”? This was her debut and unarguably one of the biggest hits. After having sold over 200 million records worldwide, she rightly stands at the top of most musicians in the industry.

3. Beyonce

$536 million

‘Run the World-girls, run the world-girls…

This woman has literally proved the song line, becoming a milestone in herself. She is an aspiration to a lot of young girls and boys. She rose to popularity in 1990s and ever since then she has growing only. She and her husband Jay Z make one of the wealthiest couples on this planet.

2. Celine Dion

$700 millionéline-dion-mn0000186185

A Canadian by birth and a French by origin ranks second richest female singer. A successful French Canadian businesswoman who has given a number of hits including “The power of love”, “It’s all coming back to me now”, and others has $700 million net worth. During her career as a musician, she has honoured by 5 prestigious Grammys.


$800 million

Madonna is at the top of all the female singers, in this list. She is like queen with tremendous popularity. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and business woman. According to a report, Madonna is the best selling girl artists in history.

With more than 300 million records sold worldwide, Madonna is a true queen of hearts as well as musical industry. She has inspired a lot of people to join music.Source-



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