8 Really Awesome Breakfast Destinations In The World

Well, speaking about breakfast, I can tell it is the most adorable thing to start your day. Most people prefers breakfast to be the yummiest meal of the day. This is probably why breakfast destinations are quite popular. These destinations just double the taste and experience of breakfast.

So get ready to know eight of the most awesome breakfast destinations in the world on WheeBuzz.

Bar Coluzzi, Sydney

Bar Coluzzi is quite popular in Sydney. However, the name ‘Bar Coluzzi’ might sound Roman because it was founded by the former champion of boxing Luigi Coluzzi, who was a Roman immigrant. Order your breakfast here and you can see people walking by here.

La Bossue, Paris

Paris, we all know is a city of magical surprises. To a tourist, the city serves as a heaven. Having Eiffel Tower, a really awesome shopping destination and wonderful food, Paris is just at the top. La Bossue is one of the most popular breakfast restaurants in Paris. It serves a really wide range of breakfast.

For tourists it is a place lies in just another world. La Bossue is a must visit place in your lifetime.

Congee and Noodle Wantun Shop, Hongkong

Well this is probably the best place if you are in love with Noodles. This serves a very happy.l feeling. I mean, who does not like waking up with a bowl of rice on a really happy place?

Good enough to eat, New York

Haha the name itself does a magic, having a bit of happy and sarcastic feeling. Well, Good enough to eat is a popular place people go for breakfast. Usually the place is filled with breakfasters.

It not just serves an awesome breakfast but also create an environment which gives you a slop of happiness. Well, I am sure you would love to visit it someday.

Caravan Bankside, London

Wow! What a place! You must be thinking this right now. Well the first and foremost thing which attracts you is its beauty. This place is also deemed as the vegetarians favourite. Well, apart from serving great stuff, Caravan Bankside just makes you relaxed. In my opinion, it is the best place to start your day in all over City of London.

Jaiwana Haveli Rooftop Restaurant, Udaipur

In one word if I may describe this place for breakfast – ‘just awesome’. Jaiwana Haveli Rooftop restaurant in Udaipur an amazingly enticing place which serves a wide range of Breakfast. The most beautiful thing here is its environment, the place, the surrounding.

Yes, that is what just takes breath. Who wouldn’t love sipping tea overlooking the beautiful lake? The rooftop breakfast experience is a never to miss moment.

Panache restaurant, Quebec City

Panache restaurant is a beautiful restaurant in Canada. Now let me break the ice by telling that it’s interior is more than beautiful. Look yourself in this image.

Seems like this place is just design to woo angels from heavens. The places gives a time to yourself and also I would say a pretty nostalgic feel as well. I don’t know why, but it is beautifully romantic and nostalgic.

The Brick Kitchen, Buenos Aires

The Brick Kitchen in Buenos Aires is a popular breakfast spot in the whole South American continent. It serves a really tasty Argentine cuisine. Seeing the Brick Kitchen, anybody can tell that it is made up in a European style, which gives it an additional look. The restaurant serves lunch and breakfast.

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Written by Jay Rajput

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