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Here are the 8 ordinary people who become celebrities because Internet couldn’t stop from losing hearts over them!

The thing is, you never know when your life took a turn and everything changes forever! However, some people might find this as a magic or just a myth but there are some people who proved that it is possible. Recently, the internet is all stuffed with new faces, there are lots of memes on them and even they are so incredibly good looking that you cant stop having a crush on them. Well, you are not alone! The whole world is going crazy over these 8 people who are nothing more than an ordinary people, just like you and others. But still, their beautiful face, sexy eyes and killer smile wounded too many hearts!

#1 Arshad Khan: Chai- Walla

You are definitely living in a cave if you don’t know this man, Arshad got huge popularity after his photo went viral. He is basically a Chai-Walla in Pakistan. After his photo become one of the sensational photos, He also received the modeling contract from various brands.

#2 Irvin Randle: Grandpa

So, Irvin from Texas changed people’s mentality when his super-hot and cool photographs received huge likes. He becomes one of the most smartest and handsome Grandpa, and most famous by his name Mr.Steal your grandma.

#3 Lee Minwei: Officer

Well, Lee is 22 Years old and work as the officer in Singapore’s airport. But things twisted when his incredibly handsome and cute face with that killer smile won lots of heart. Not just that, He also has lots of fans, recently a fan of his thanked him for making their social media more brighten.

#4 Pietro Boselli: Math Teacher

If you are one of those who hates math and trying to skip the class whenever its possible then you seriously need to think again, The guy here is a math teacher at London university! However, Pietro is also known as world’s hottest math teacher.


#5 Sarah Seawright: Prisoner

Well, if you think that in prisons you cant find the hot looking girl then you are wrong here, Sarah was arrested for mugshot case but her incredibly beautiful looks successfully attracted lots of eyes. She also named as Prison bae. interesting right?

#6 Jeremy Meeks: Prisoner

Jeremy sentence for two years jail in the year 2015 because of mugshot case. However, this guy is now model as his blue eyes made people go crazy over him and because of such strong fan following he got modeling projects!

#7 Omar Borkan Al Gala: Poet

An overnight sensation who become one of the hottest guys, Omar is basically famous for the news where he got deported from Saudi Arabia’s airport because of his looks and the government was in fear that his looks can make the women go crazy.

#8 Zeddie Little: Marathon Participant

Those who think the marathon is boring then you might be losing a chance to meet with Zeddie like the guy. Zeedie turns out as internet sensation because of his sweet smile and killer body, however, the guy had no idea that the marathon race is going to change things so dramatically for him!


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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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