8 Mysterious Photos That Can’t Be Explained

A picture speaks a thousand words. That is something rightly said. Photographs are a very common thing to capture memories and other usual or uncommon stuffs. But there are some photos which are just impossible to be explained. Yes, they contain some mysteries that aren’t solved.

WheeBuzz digs out the 8 mysterious photos that can not be explained.

Solway Firth spaceman

The incident occurred in 1964 when a man clicked the photo of his daughter but the photo contains a man behind the daughter appears to be an astronaut. This shocked the world. The person who took photograph claimed to see nobody except his daughter while photographing.Even the Kodak Company inspected the photo and confirmed it was not tampered.

The Hessdalen Lights

Some of the photos taken at the Hessdalen valley in Norway. A number of studies have been conducted to analyse and understand what are these lights but scientists have failed to do so.

The Copper Falling body

This is one of the strangest and a little bit of disturbing photo. We really do not know much about the Copper family, other than the family shifted to a new home and took a family photo. When the picture developed, it showed a body falling from the ceiling. Knowing this gives Goosebumps.

The Babushka lady

In 1963, when the American President John F. Kennedy died, it came up with a number of incidents including this one. A woman was recorded in number of films and photographs.

She seems to be taking her own photos while other were running or cover. Nobody knew who that woman was. FBI investigated about her identity but nothing was revealed or recovered.

Black Knight satellite

In the year 1960, a dark object was reported in the orbit of Earth. Surprisingly, till that time no man made satellite had been launched. Over years few other known objects were seen in the orbit but still do not know anything what was that.

The S.S. Watertown ghosts

This is so weird and terrifying. In 1924, two of the sailors were died and they were thus buried at the sea. Surprisingly, after few days the crew claimed the exact two faces following the ship. The captain of the ship clicked photo that allegedly shows the faces of the two men in the waves. Horrifying, it is.

The Elisa Lam mysterious case

The case of Elisa Lam is one of the most mysterious cases in the history of the World. In 2013, Elisa was found dead in hotels rooftop water tank. She was founded accidentally dead. In autopsy, no traces of drugs and alcohol was found. But here is in mindboggling part. Few moments before death, hotel surveillance footage showed Elisa entering in the elevator and started behaving abnormally and weirdly if she was hiding from someone.

This is something even psychological experts can’t tell. Nobody knows the mystery behind this. Nobody knows what happened that day.

Goddard Squadron

In 1919, a photo was taken on the funeral of one of the squad members, Freddy Jackson. But something unusual and rare was clicked. On the top of the photo emerges a face of someone behind one of the officers in the group.

The squad members recognised the face as Freddy Jackson on whose funeral the photo was taken.



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