8 Lessons You Need To Learn Now Otherwise It Will Be Too Late

Life is all about learning and going ahead. I believe the best way to live life is to live it. Lessons learned from life are the most authentic, real, helpful and important to oneself. You see, life is a rollercoaster journey full of ups and downs but the lessons learned from it makes it beautiful, makes it worthy. Time keep moving and some lessons should be learnt early.

Today WheeBuzz has come up with 8 of the extremely important lessons to learn before it gets too late

Life is short, stick with good and caring people

You must have seen related posts with the similar lesson to learn. Well, all the posts are absolutely true. Life is really short, then why wasting it being around shitty people? No matter what, always remember it is you who always choose people to talk to, and to be friends with. Needless to say, stick with the people who care about you, who love you, who enjoy being with you and who you have good times with.

Learn to say NO to unnecessary people and stuffs

This point is in continuation with the previous point. It is very essential that we learn the importance of our time and preference. There are people who are really a time waste for you and trust me you don’t really like hanging out with them, you don’t like being with them. Same goes with the unnecessary stuffs you do intentionally or unintentionally. Do not give your time to unnecessary stuffs, rather enjoy going out with your people or play guitar at home.. simple!

Ego is the biggest enemy

You must have heard about Buddha who is a source of enlightenment for many. His teachings and lessons are some of the greatest lessons on philosophy and life. Buddha says “Ego is Human’s biggest enemy, it blocks our mind to learn something new”. Isn’t it right? You just think about a little. You get angry easily, you stops talking to an old friend on something, you feel bad when someone calls you names and stuffs…. Its all ego. Learn to grow above that.

Spend time with yourself

Well, If I would have to tell me best friend, it is me. We are so busy in our lives, in things we unknowingly do, in things we do not want to do, in stuffs which completely took us really far… But hey! When was the last time you spent time with yourself? When was the time you enjoyed your company? Think about it.

Learn to live new people

I may really be aristocratic or biased here by suggesting you to do this, but let me be so. Talk to new people and you will feel positive after it, and listen to their life stories and you will relate yourself with the person. Nothing could be more beautiful and relaxing that this. Live new people, it will really help you.

Value a good friend in life

We must agree that we know this. But still, we lose on to people we really cared for, we give up on People we really love once. All I want to say with this point is that learn to value good people in life. Remember, a good and loyal friend is all you need in life. It is worth million golds. Learn to value a good friend.

Find ways to be happy

I know you must be thinking that it is just easy to say, but hard in real. Well, find things which you really love. One may love sitting in park with her childhood friends, one may love playing basketball, one may love making someone feel special, one may love to play guitar… William Wordsworth once said “You can have hundred reasons to cry but you can give yourself thousand reasons to smile”.

Spread love

I firmly believe there could be nothing more satisfactory than spreading love.

The kind of essence you feel after doing a good things is just incomparable to any of the happiness. The more you cultivate love, the more you received this precious thing in life.

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