8 Greatest Performances of Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando’s acting can never get out of people’s mind, especially when we have seen movies like The Godfather and Julius Caesar. He is rightly considered as one of the most influential actors of all time. Marlon Brando refusing to receive Oscars for ‘The Godfather’ because of discrimination in film industry became not just widely popular, but also an epitome of a genuine and pure soul. However, we at Wheebuzz have come up with the Greatest acting masterpieces of Marlon Brando.

8. Major Lloyd ‘Ace’ Gruver

Sayonara (1957)

An American military man falls in love with a beautiful performer from Japan, which is quite unacceptable kind of thing at that time, is what Sayonara is all about. More than the story, what appeals you is the acting of legendary actor Marlon Brando. One of the best things about the movie is dialogues that are just awesome.

7. Johnny Strabler

The Wild One (1953)

It is one of my favourite characters of Marlon Brando. The character of Johnny Strabler has influenced a lot of characters, movies and ideas. Johnny Strabler is copied by a number of copycats who have somehow ruined it, but Marlon Brando shines with the cool quotient of the character. Movie was good, but do you know, this movie is mostly noted for the biker character.

6. Marc Antony

Julius Caesar (1953)

This is one of the most fascinating and strongest performances of all time. The Shakespearen masterpiece was well played by this movie. Such strong performance of Marlon Brando got him yet another Oscar nomination. I would recommend your to watch this movie.

5. Paul

Last Tango in Paris (1972)

The 1972 erotic drama established a unique acting of Marlon Brando. Paul is an American man who lost his wife and is depressed. He meets an Frenchwoman who fixes him, after they both accidentally meet. The story and Marlon’s acting both are classy.

4. Colonel Walter E Kurtz

Apocalypse Now (1979)

If you think Marlon Brando is just a good actor, this movie will tell you the truth that he is far more than just a good actor. Colonel Walter E Kurtz wins the confidence of tribal community in Cambodia, on the other hand America sends a Captain on a mission to kill Colonel Kurtz. This is one of the most unique roles played by Marlon Brando.

3. Terry Malloy

On the Waterfront (1954)

Marlon Brando won Oscar for this movie tells you two things. First, the movie is awesome. Secondly, the Marlon Brando acting is something else. Yes, that is right. He fantastically played dual roles in the movie of very different taste. On the Waterfront is an 1954 movie which earned Marlon Oscar and tremendous praise. Marlon’s famous monologue “I could have been something else” is in this movie.

2. Stanley Kowalski

A Streetcar named desire (1951)

Probably, this was the movie that established Marlon in the film industry, got him much fame and attention from all around the World. The love story in the movie loves by all. Because of two reasons, one, it got 8 rating on IMDb, and secondly, it is one of the best Marlon Brando best roles, you can not afford to not watch it.

1. Don Vito Corleone

The Godfather (1972)

Taking first soon on this list is The Godfather in the year 1972. Probably one of the top 5 greatest movies of all time, The Godfather is the second highest rated movie after The Shawshank redemption. Marlon Brando established his influence forever on the Hollywood film industry after this one role, which is probably the greatest and the best role played by the legendary actor.



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