7 Unlucky Things to Never Keep in Your Home

A feeling of superstition is built when we read about such articles. According to the beliefs of the feng shui and different cultures, some decorations are available which can bring misfortune into your house.

WheeBuzz enlightens you about the 7 unlucky things never to keep at home

1. Rocking chairs

The chair always keeps moving by itself. In many horror movies, these types of creaky old chairs are displayed before a climax of any scary scene. The way it moves in a deserted room can make people want to buy firm chairs. The Irish legend believes that if the rocking chair is empty, it is actually an invitation to evil spirits to sit. The first sign you should understand when someone unwanted is present and the chair starts moving on its own.

2. Green paint

Green dyes can be considered lethal and it even has a historical fact which follows way back. In the 18th century, a compound which was newly discovered cupric hydrogen arsenic was used for making green dyes. When green colored painted walls get damped, toxic gases are released which severed many people as well as killed. In 1822, the public was finally warned about this dye recipe of arsenic. Even today, green walls are considered as a bad omen.

3. Broken or stopped clocks

According to the feng shui traditions, you should avoid keeping broken items at home. It expresses the mess internally and externally which should not occupy any space in your life. One bad omen, in particular, is a broken clock. Timekeeping tools should always be working according to the Feng Shui. If you want to keep a clock which doesn’t work, it will display that you would stop moving forward in life. A broken clock chime can represent that someone’s death may befall on your household.

4. Cacti×450.jpg

This can be a sad point for plant lovers. According to the feng shui tradition, the thorny and spiky exteriors of plants like cactus are considered to attract bad vibes. Tension can be brought into your house by the prickly cacti and agave surfaces. Rose is the only exception as the thorny stems don’t have enough negativity to overthrow the positivity from the flowers bloom.

5. An unmade bed

Maybe it was made up by parents who were frustrated but it is believed that if you don’t make your bed or if you’re stopped in the middle while making it, can cost you a night of sleep. You should try to remain distraction-free when you make your bed.

6. An open umbrella

Everyone has heard that you should avoid opening umbrellas within the house. This myth has been following since Ancient Egypt, bringing an item which protects you in the house is considered disrespectful to the spirits who are guarding your house. People fear the wrath of the guardians due to jealousy and thus, have warned people from opening such items within the home.

7. Dead or dry plants

You shouldn’t keep dried up plants if you want to live in a home which is filled with positive energy. Dead energy is brought into your house by keeping dead plants. Additionally, the look of your house won’t be so presentable if you have shriveled leaves as well as stems which are drooping.


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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