7 Unknown Facts About Pele You Probably Didn’t Know

Pele is arguably the most popular and historic name in the history of Football. He is the tone of Football. Today, we bring you some of the most unknown facts about the Football legendary player who has won hearts from all around the world. Okay, so without wasting much of your time, here are the seven unknown facts about Pele you probably do not know about.

Surprisingly, the man who scored maximum goals is not Pele

Well, this can be very surprising as a fact. Even I used to think Pele is the highest goal scorer. But no, it is Joseph Bican who was a Czech-Austrian striker footballer. Yes, the man who holds the record of highest goals in football is not Pele.

You know who discovered Pele?

Well, there is not much information about the same but the man who is credited with the discovery of the football legend Pele is Waldemar de Brito who was also a footballer from Brazil who used to play forward. Took him to Santos and told that ‘he is going to be the greatest footballer in the World”.

The Pele day

Do you know there is a day called Pele Day? If no, we will tell you here, don’t Worry. Actually November 19 was the day when Pele scored his 1000th goal. Ever since then, the day is cebrayed as Pele Day at Santos. Well, 1000th goal is a huge deal, and celebrating the scorer day isn’t a bad idea, right?

Youngest ever WC winner

Youngest ever football winner is something great as an achievement, and guess what, Pele has achieved this at the age of only 17. He became the youngest ever winner at this age till date. Must be the one in a million moment for him.

What Pele said about football stars?

This is a very popular statement. When asked about the importance of football stars, Pele said “When football stars disappear, so do the teams, and that is a very curious phenomenon. It is like in the theatre, in a play, where there is a great star. If the star is not well, the whole cast suffers.”

He is a National Treasure

Ever heard about someone being a National Treasure? Well, that is really a god level accolade. The Government of Brazil declared Pele the national treasure of Brazil. Now, he can not be transferred out of the country. This is such a big deal for someone, for sure.

The poverty Pele has seen

Pele has seen huge poverty in his childhood in Sao Paulo. To help with bills, Pele worked in Tea shops and as a servant. His father, who was a footballer himself used to teach Pele how to play football, but the family could not even afford a football for the American and often Pele practiced with sock stuff with Newspaper. Well, even after this great poverty time, Pele rose to become one of the greatest Footballer of all time as well as a big inspiration for all of us.



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