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7 Self-Defense Techniques for Women Recommended by a Professional

Let’s face the ugly truth, the world is not a safe place for women anymore and it’s not just poor and underdeveloped countries which were conveniently blamed for decades by western media. Today ladies are killed and raped and killed in the most suburban areas if the elitists and riches nations of the world too. So what can a lady do about her safety?

The world-famous martial grandmaster Victor Lyyalko has come with most effective self-defense mechanisms for women to protect themselves when under threat of any sort. Read on at WheeBuzz to know about these techniques which are potential lifesavers in the time of dire need.

1. For starters, memorize the vulnerable places.

Every man has vulnerable body areas her it hurts like hell of hit correctly. Organs and like eyes, nose, throat and body areas like chest, knees and of course the groin. If you are attacked by anyone, just hit hard on any of these body parts which would give you enough time and to run and escape. Just do not hesitate before launching attacks because each second is precious.

2. The simplest and most effective moves

This one is clincher as these moves can make even the biggest of the assaulters cry like a baby if done right. When attacked immediately grab his little finger and ring finger with one hand and grab his middle and index finger with another and bend the wrist forward. In the case, you are not able to grab the hand, hit straight on his collarbone with your knuckles or into his Adam’s apple. The pain would be acute enough to buy you time to make a run for safety.

One more area to hurt the assaulter in his groin area. The technique to which is taught at all the self help classes. If you hit him hard the pain temporarily paralysis the assailant and make it easier for you to escape.

3. If you were grabbed from the front:

If the assailant has pinned your arms, try making a fist in front of your pelvis, this will create a safe space between the two when smash his nose by a hard hit by your forehead. This will shock him and make him move back when you hit his groin hard with your knees. The pain and shock would make him release his grip on you.

If the assailant his still persistent, straighten your left arm and hit the chin and the nose very hard with your right arm, then again hit him on his groin. This will disorient the assailant long enough for you to make a run.

4. How to free your hands:

It’s an elementary move by most of the assailants, they first try to grab your wrist before pulling you in. now the follow this universal tackle step, rotate the arm or the wrist quickly on the side of attackers thumbs and yank your hand from his grip fast.

5. If you were grabbed from behind

This is a move of a cowardly assailant because it’s easier and safer for him to grab his victim and make them immobile but no worries; there is a way to tackle these kinds of creeps too.

Now to set yourself free and give grief to this assailant you need to quickly bend back and try to headbutt him with your skull which is a very hard part of our body. It’s ok if you can’t manage this move, all you need is to make this pervert put one of his legs forward, on which you quickly bend down and grab his feet and get up and pull it with all your might. This will disbalance the assailant and drop back on his head with a lot of pain.

6. If you were approached and grabbed from the side

You may not realize it but your elbows are your formidable weapons for safety. You just need to know how to use it right. If you are attacked from the sides, firstly lift up your elbow and hit the lower jaw, nose or temple whichever is accessible. The attacker is bound to take a step back, then without wasting any time hit him on his belly or chest super hard, preferably with elbows because the impact is instant and painful.

7. If you were pushed against the wall

Some creeps try to pin you against a wall or any surface effectively blocking you from the front so that you can’t run away. At this point hit any of his vulnerable spots which are closest to your reach. If the attacker has pinned you with both the arms against the wall, then hit him hard on his armpits with straightened palms. In case one his hands is down, then you have the opportunity to hit his chest, jaw or best spot…his neck hard. But to inflict the maximum pain, headbutting is the best idea here too. Squat a bit lower than assailant and rise quickly and fast so that your head hits his under the jaw. This will disorient the pervert and give a chance to escape.

Having said that we all wish you never need to go through any of these harrowing experience but even if you do not, educate your fellow ladies all these tips so that they can spread the word and make the streets a bit safer place for ladies to walk on.


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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