7 Most Underrated Movies On Netflix

Netflix is certainly a very big movies and series hub. If you are a hinge watcher, then Netflix is probably your most favourite thing that has ever happened to the World. You must have had gala times on Netflix, but choosing a good movie is always something you wanna ignore, isn’t it? Well, there are some movies on Netflix that you should watch. They are truly incredible movies, but are underrated. Believe it or not, they are really awesome movies, you will realise it when you will watch them. Here are the 7 underrated movies on Netflix. Check the whole list only on Wheebuzz.

1. The Fundamentals Of Caring

If you are fascinated about movies on real life things, then this movie is a boon. The fundamentals of caring is a story of a writer who is retired and has become a caregiver to a disabled teenage. They both go to a road trip where their friendship and bond is tested. Released in the year 2016, this contains cast such as Selena Gomez,  Craig Roberts and Paul Rudd.

2. 1922

This movies is a blend of thrill and mystery. The story of the movie can be pretty much disturbing. 1922 is the movie based on a person who wants to kill his wife for financial benefit and gain. He does not just want to restrict the brutal plan to himself, but wishes his teenage son to get involved in the same. Thomas Jane has given a remarkable performance.

3. The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack is a family drama. Some of you who do not like family movies may think of it as something unpleasing, but trust me, The Wolfpack is a worth watching movie. The story takes you into the lives of six siblings living in a New York apartment. Weird, but they have grown up watching movies and trying to take glimpses of them in real life.

4. The Square

It is a comedy movie where you will have good time. What happens when a you hire a Public relations team in order to build hype for an already renowned Spanish museum, is the story all about. Ruben Ostlund directed the movie.

5. Begin Again

Begin Again is a beautiful movie revolves around the story of Gretta who is a budding writer whose life is perfect until his boyfriend ditches her. Her life takes a U-turn when a record label executive Dan notices her talent. Begin Again is a light movie and enjoying worth watching.

6. Pete’s Dragon

If there is one movie I would suggest primarily because of incredible graphics and animations, it is Pete’s Dragon. A yet another light-hearted movie that you are going to enjoy with family and friends, as well. With the grand label Disney, Pete’s Dragon is a sure to watch flick.

7. Tangerine

Tangerine is a movie whose story revolves around a sad prostitute, whose boyfriend ditched her, then two-three people decides to teach her boyfriend a lesson. Directed entirely on iPhone, Tangerine is a wonderful movie. Directed by Sean Baker, you should watch it.



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