7 Most Terrifying Animal Attacks

Animals are cute, sweet, innocent and also violent. Yes, today we have come up with an article that suggests their deadly nature. Here are the 7 most terrifying and dangerous animals attacks, only on Wheebuzz.

7. Lindsay Jones and Nikki Latta

In Nova Scotia, Canada, Lindsay Jones and Nikki Latta were two girls who went onto hunting a dog. All of sudden, the dog ran away, and the two girls started getting suspicious. In a moment they saw a Black bear. They started running away and smartly as they could using zigzag running etc. After some time they could call 911 and half an hour later, the police was there to help them. Later, Nikki Latta told a magazine, “I have taken wilderness survival courses, and what frightened me most was the bear was not scared of me”.

6. Darla Napora

Darla was a pregnant women who was attacked by a Pitbull in her living room in the Californian state. Probably the most unfortunate part was that Darla was the member of the group who used to convince people that Pit bulls are friendly and not dangerous.

5. Joe Ramonetha

A retired African Zookeeper Joe Ramonetha was attacked by a lioness named Nyanga. Later, it was found out that security gates were open and Joe was apparently vulnerable to the attack. He was rushed to the nearest hospital but unfortunately he could not survive the lioness attack and pronounced dead there.

4. Phil Bronstein

It was a very unfortunate thing happened with the executive editor of Chronicle Phil Bronstein. He was attacked by a Komodo dragon in a zoo in Los Angeles. The whole incident was witnessed by the then wife of Phil Bronstein Sharon Stone. Damn! That is a hell dangerous of an attack!

3. Bryan Jeffery Griffin

In Lake Country, Florida, something very sad and bad happened when a boy was swimming in the water. Later, his friends saw a group of alligators. The friends of Bryan Jeffery Griffin shouted Alligators! Alligators! but until and unless Bryan could senses the situation, one of the Alligators jumped to his legs and grapped it. A rescuer had however retrieved Bryan but it was too late and was declared dead when reached to hospital.

2. Elephant in Kerala

Kerala is a south Indian state that is popular for a lot of things including its culture and tradition. During some traditional ceremonial festival, an elephant got violent and killed it’s trainer and made a widespread disaster injuring more than 20 people.

1. Barry Wilson

Barry Wilson is considered the first Californian to be have faced a shark attack. This was a very unfortunate incident. In 30ft water, the 17-years old boy Barry was in the water when his friends saw a shark coming to him. The shark dragged him down then throw him out of the water. His friends however retrieved but he could not live longer and died on the beach itself.



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