7 Most Bizarre Buildings That You Just Can’t Believe To Be Existed

Have you ever thought what it looks like when Modern art mixes with the architecture? Yes, there are structures and buildings that are the result of this dual positioning all together, yet they are appealing and attractive.

WheeBuzz presents you the most bizarre and the strangest buildings that have ever built on this planet.

7. Wonderworks, Pigeon Forge, TN, USA

Designed by Michael Ussey, wonderworks is a unique building which just appeals every viewer around the globe with its way of architecture. The interior of wonder works is totally normal, it is a centre of entertainment with themes of Physics, space and Maths.

6. The basket building, Ohio, USA

The basket building is literally a fine basket shaped building in Ohio. The building is said to be the dream building of Dave Longaberger, the founder of Longaberger Company. Longaberger Company is an American company dealing in maple wooden baskets and other products. However, in 2016, The Basket building was announced to be closed and the employee of the company would be shifted to other building.

5. Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada

Habitat 67 is a complex building which gives you a game like view, where the blocks are coming out from different places. The building was designed by Moshe Safdie as his thesis project.

Habitat 67 took 3 years to build with a whooping cost of 13.5 million dollars. Today the building has its own place in hearts of people, and is renowned as one of the most spectacular buildings ever built, which shines Montreal and Canada.

4. Kansas city Public Library, Kansas City, USA

Kansas City Public Library is a central library located in Kansas City, USA. The most surprising and eye catching thing about Kansas City Public Library is its building which is itself looks like a shelf books. Kansas City Public Library also contains the interior with the same theme as that of outside.

It is a truly mesmerizing experience to go there, the library contains all the books and magazines related to American African culture.

3. The crooked House, Sopot, Poland

The crooked house is considered as the most unusual structure on this planet located in Sopot, Poland. Also known as Krzywy Domek, The building was built in the year 2004. The crooked house lies on a street just like another building which gives people a mindboggling view. Krzywy Domek is a shopping centre which is also a big selfie spot in the city.

2. The Rotating Tower of Dubai, Dubai, UAE

The rotating tower in Dubai also known as the dynamic Tower and Da Vinci Tower, is a proposed skyscraper in the city of Dubai. The 80 floor moving skyscraper is designed by David Fisher. This building is going to be the first moving skyscraper in the world, which would be a residential office Hub. The building is going to be a result of Genius engineering.

1. Ideal Palace, France

Ideal Palace located in France is one of the most dynamic elegant and its Anila structures. The monuments took 33 years to build and was built by a work force of just one person. Yes, you heard it right. Ferdinand Cheval spend his life collecting stones and build this beautiful Palace. One of the astonishing and quintessential quality of the palace is the it is a beautiful blend of Christian and Hindu culture.


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