7 Highest Paid Female Entertainers As Per Forbes List

Females earning equally or more is no more a taboo now. Forbes has released a list of highest paid female celebrities. The world is changing and it is a good thing to see that women are earning huge. Recently, Benedict Cumberbatch said he would not take any movie in which female star would not be paid equally. It is a good thing. Anyway, the list contains musicians, artists, actors and all those who have today become an epitome of female empowerment. Check seven of the highest paid female entertainers only on Wheebuzz.

7. Beyonce ($60 Million)

This star has always been shining and is one of the most popular female entertainers of all time. Her husband Jay Z and herself together makes one of the wealthiest couple. The ‘Run the World (girls)’ star has been listed as the seventh highest paid female entertainer.

6. Kim Kardashian ($67 Million)

Kim Kardashian is one of the major popular models who has been doing a lot of other things. After founding her own cosmetic Company with the name KKW beauty, she become one of the most successful entrepreneurs. The company made a revenue of $100 million in just one year.

5. Taylor Swift ($80 Million)

Taylor Swift is one of the highest paid female entertainers, and there is no doubt about it. ‘Reputation’, the new album of Taylor was able to sold more than 1.2 million copies in the US alone in the first week. It is such a high figure for any music legend. Taylor, who keeps herself away from controversies, is the fifth highest paid female entertainer as per the Forbes list.

4. Katy Perry ($83 Million)

Katy Perry, the American charm, has secured fourth position in the Forbes highest paid female entertainers list. She has been very consistent in her hard work and is one of such names in this list. Form musical tours to music albums, Katy Perry makes huge sum. With a whopping $83 Million, she ranks fourth in the list.

3. Ellen DeGeneres $87.5 Million)

Believe it or not, when you hear the name, Ellen DeGeneres, you think of two things all of sudden. First, the very popular and renowned Show host, and secondly an epitome of female empowerment. Yes, that is right. From Netflix she got $20 Million for stand-up. By this she became the first ever woman to receive such amount. Ellen DeGeneres who is quite popular among young girls has been doing a lot of other stuffs which add up to her net worth.

2. Judy Sheindlin ($147 Million)

She sold rights to ‘Judge Judy returns’ at a whopping $100 million which almost tripled her annual earning. This thing was big for Judy Sheindlin. With a really high, 147 Million United States Dollar, Judy Sheindlin successfully secures the second position in this list.

1. Kylie Jenner ($166.5 Million)

Kylie Jenner is the youngest of her sisters but the highest paid of all of them, and in general as well, as per Forbes report. The attribute should be given to her company Kylie Cosmetics, which has been growing super fast. She is the highest paid female entertainer with $166.5 million.

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