7 Greatest Decade Defining Actors

Picking up decade defining actors is probably the most difficult task because it includes not only the acting aspect of an actor but also his popularity over the decade or more. Few actors in this life are actually the ones whom you can not restrict to a decade alone, instead, they are some of the most talented, skilled, popular and Influential of all time. Here are Wheebuzz list of 7 decade defining actors.

7. Sidney Poitier

Back then, when he began his career, Blacks were not given that much appreciation. Sidney too had to struggle a lot, but like they say, hard work pays. He literally ruled in 1960s with some of the greatest classics such as ‘Guess who’s coming to Dinner’ and ‘In the Heat of the night’. He still remains one of the finest and most popular actors on the planet.

6. James Stewart

James Stewart is one of the greatest names in Hollywood. In 1940s, he shinned as an average American man. Needless to say, he has a tremendous contribution in early Hollywood. The most popular movie he got fame with is ‘It’s a Wonderful life’ of 1946 which is a Christmas classic and is deemed as one of the best Hollywood movies in general. James Stewart bagged Oscar for his ‘The Philadelphia Story’ in the year 1940.

5. Al Pacino

The man whose career spanned five golden decades. He will be remembered as one of the most skilled and popular names in the American film Industry. He probably ruled the cinema after ‘The Godfather 2’ with his role Michael Corleone, which became one of the greatest roles in America film industry.

4. Dustin Hoffman

If you Google ‘Method acting’, the actor which comes in result other than Marlon Brando is Dustin Hoffman. He is considered as one of the greatest actors, and that is true. Known for versatility in his roles, Dustin is different man in ‘The Graduate (1967)’, and a totally different person in ‘Rain Man (1988)’.

3. Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson has probably had a massive six decades career, which makes him one of the most superior veteran actors alive. Movies such as One flew over the cuckoo’s nest (1975), As Good as it gets (1997) etc broadens his life as an actor.

2. Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro is not only one of most popular names in the Hollywood filmography, but also one of the most skilled and experienced actors of all time. Currently, he is dubbed as one of the finest actors of all time, and we have seen this in movies like Taxi Driver (1984), Goodfellas (1990), The intern (2015).

1. Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando is synonymous to method acting. He is probably the greatest method actor of all time, and in general, one of the most influential actors. Marlon Brando was one of the trendiest and coolest names in Hollywood whose career, if tried to restrict to one decade, is an impossible task. From ‘A Streetcar named Desire (1951)’ to ‘The Godfather (1972)’, Marlon has been an epitome of acting. His versatility and natural acting in the movies has got him the fame as one of the greatest actors of all time.



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