7 Best Spy Movies Of All Time

Spy movies are great. I mean truly, the thrill these movies cater to the audience, is on another level. These movies have suspence, and you just can not predict what is going to happen the next. Today we have come up the list of such fantastic movies. Based on the nature, suspence level, story and thrill, this is the list prepared by our film expert. Following are the seven best espionage or spy movies of all time.

7. Argo (2012)

Argo is a wonderful movie starring Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkins and others. The 2012 movie has the story of an exfiltration specialist who has the task of six Americans who are held captive in the Iranian capital during the US crises with Iran. Story sounds great, right? The movie while watching is even more thrilling.

6. Casino Royale (2006)

People always have this dilemma that which movie movie is better between Casino Royale or Skyfall. But taking the sixth position on our list is the 2006 bond film Casino Royale who got huge accolades and popularity. Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelson etc have done wonderful work in this action powerhouse flick.

5. From Russia with love (1963)

From Russia with love is one of the greatest movies movies of all time in the history of espionage movies. That is such a magical one, for sure. Sean Connery and his James Bond charm captivates you throughout the movie. The story too has its own power that will hardly let you blink your eyes. Terrence Young has certainly directed a masterpiece.

4. Tinker Tailor soldier spy (2011)

Oh, what a movie! Tinker tailor soldier spy is a 2011 espionage flick which ranks fourth in this list. The best part about the movie is the acting of John Le Carré and Gary Oldman. In addition, the script give you a complete 360 degrees rollercoaster ride. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, please do.

3. Mission Impossible film series

One of the best action series that has established the charm of Tom cruise forever, like literally forever. I would just urge you to watch this if you are a spy movie fan, action fan or Tom cruise fan. Ever since the first movie has been released in the year 1996, there has been no looking back.

2. The Manchurian candidate (1962)

The Manchurian Candidate is the second best movie in spy genre. The movie is full of thrill and suspence. I guess, this is an ideal spy movie. The movie starres stars namely Frank Cinatra, Angela Lansbury, Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh etc.

1. North by Northwest (1959)

And taking the first position on our list is the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece named North by Northwest. Cary Grant, oh what a role he played! Along with him, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason do not fail to amaze and win us with their acting. It is one of the highest rated spy movies of all time. If you want to see how great a spy movie is, watch North by Northwest.



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