7 Amazing and Affordable Winter Vacation Destinations

Many of us enjoy the first snowfall of winter season but as the temperature begins to drop drastically and the snow inhibits the enjoyment and long journeys through the car, this season starts to get the better of us. Moreover, the winter season arrives, the prices of tourist destinations increases automatically. Well, in this article we have shortlisted best ranked amazing and affordable tourist destinations for winter vacations that would help you give a seasonal break from the winter doldrums. WheeBuzz presents, Have a look:


Amsterdam is a dream vacation for many people, and contrary to popular belief, if you move the right way, your trip would be affordable. During winters, Amsterdam looks like a fairy town covered in the snow. Amsterdam turns into a huge art gallery during Amsterdam Light Festival in winters, and the city turns into a spectacle of light. You can perform ice-skating on the frozen canals which are a whole new amazing experience. The environment is cozy and friendly; the darkness of the night twinkle in the lights, thus making this place a worth visiting.


Venice is one of the best places to visit in winters. The crowd is civilized with lowering of prices makes it an ideal winter vacation destination. The city looks serene and is a treat to eyes of spectators. Venice Carnevale is the festival that begins in January; the festival fills the town with dance, music, and love. Campo Pan Solo is the Venice’s largest square where people enjoy their time doing ice-skating. You must visit after dark when the prices are quite lower. Don’t forget to visit the magnificent Saint Mark’s Basilica which is a famous cathedral with a magical aroma of gold-backed mosaics and priceless relics.


In the colder months, as the tourist departs, Panama offers an ideal destination for warm weather and sunshine. The accommodation prices are quite reasonable because the place is in lesser demand. You can do sports activities such as scuba diving, surf breaks and spend leisure time in a very economical way.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Winter welcomes hordes of tourists at Las Vegas and pretty breathtaking experience for them. You may experience sizzling entertainment and that too within affordable price range. People enjoy Christmas in a winter wonderland with canes of snow, visit LINQ Promenade to enjoy ride rollers and festive holiday music.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a great city in Europe and no matter the season, bring your cameras and capture the sparkling snowy scenery. In winters, tourists often enjoy the festival of Santa Eulàlia that involves open air concerts, performances and eye catching parades. Further, pay a visit to the baroque waterfall and take a leisurely ride around the lakes.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

The place is renowned for its year round pleasant weather and host of tourist spots. The nightlife is amazing at the side of the shore, river falls are a treat to the eyes, the canopy tour is adventurous, and sunset Rick’s café adds to the purpose to your trip.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an ideal place for a winter vacation with incredibly reasonable rates during the winter. Adventure travelers visit Sarapiqui to enjoy river rafting, hiking trails, watching birds and experience the serene beauty of nature.

Well, these are some of the scenic destinations you can add to your bucket list for winter vacations. So, plan your next winter vacations to one of these spots and that too without spending out of your budget limits.



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