6 Very Precious Lessons to Learn From Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest people on the planet. He is in the list of people who are considered highly successful and highly effective. This is probably why you would not want to miss a single word said by him. Warren is one of the most successful investor as well as businessmen. So, today we are here at Wheebuzz to learn eight of he most precious lessons from the man.

Firstly save, secondly spend

This is something we all know and thus may sound cliché for some people but here me out. Warren Buffet says, knowing the methodology of saving first and spending second is not easy, but the even more difficult part is to stay on this. Yes, that is right. It is deemed as a difficult think to notice.

Reputation is the key

Warren Buffet emphasis on the golden aspect of business (true for almost everything). He emphasis on to protect the reputation on yourself as well as your business. He once said “You are by far your biggest asset”. That is so true, that comes from reputation.

Don’t put all eggs in one basket

What the most popular investor tries to tell is that do not invest all your money at one place. Yes, that is a big lesson. He said that loss, if incurred by this would be irreparable, for sure. Also, investing everything at one place is actually not what is called smart investing. So, do not put all the eggs in one basket..

The more your learn, the more your earn

It is such a wonderful piece of advice from one of the World’s richest men. Warren Buffet said “The more you learn, the more your earn”. This is really very true. But the question is how to learn, and where to learn. Well, there can be many ways to follow this point. You can literally learn from anything. Like, Warren Buffet is popular for investing four to five hours of a day to reading. You can too follow this step.

Never invest in the business you never understand

I don’t know how to make you understand the importance of this quote. This is such a rare piece of advise that you will ever get. Investment should not be blind, in fact, it should be well researched and well studied is what Warren Buffet is suggesting. So next time you go on investing in a business, dare to ask yourself if you know what you actually know about the business and what you do not.

Speaking skills makes you shine

Speaking skills are considered as one of the most influential traits of human personality. This is well emphasised by Warren Buffet as well. In the very early days of his career, Warren Buffet realised that speaking skills are quite important in a person’s personality, so he enrolled in a course taught by none other than Dale Carnegie. He always advised young entrepreneurs to sharpen their speaking skills to present themselves well.



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