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6 Tips on How to Recognize Fake Gadgets

Buying a genuine product is a hassle nowadays. How do you distinguish what an original looks like? There are a million of first copies and fakes available in the market which makes it very hard for you to distinguish the genuine from fake.

WheeBuzz brings you 6 ways to identify whether the product you’re about to buy is an original or fake.

1. Check the packaging

The package design is often ignored by the manufacturers of fake products. The retailer of the actual company will even perfect every single minute detail of their products design and packing.If you compare the original and the fake, you should check the quality of print, the font will be consistent and readable throughout the package. There will be nothing loose within the package. During transportation, the products can get damaged but the manufacturers fix their goods perfectly without any space. The packaging film near the corners and the seams would be perfect.

2. Look inside the user manual

The passport for any gadget is the user manual. An original product would have a manual printed in the language of the country from which it is purchased so it can provide all the necessary information. It can either be a robbed stock or first copy if the user manual is in a different language.

3. Pay attention to the material

There is always a high quality or low quality of rubber, plastic or aluminum. Famous brands never try compromising on materials for their products. The plastic used for packaging will always be perfect, smooth and will not have any seams. If you try to invigilate a fake product, you will notice that cheap plastic has been used as well as the surfacing isn’t proportional as well as have a dull presentation.

4. Take a look at the fonts

Every brand is represented by a logo and it deserves the most attention. Logo’s have been made so that it can never be changed by anyone, after being used for years, the company will still be represented by its logo.

The symbols, fonts, and instructions written on the packaging box would be durable, smooth and readable.  There will always be something wrong with fake products, like missing the manufacturer’s name or problem with the logo, etc.

5. Check the charger

Every country has sockets which are designed in a different way, so the adaptor will be designed according to the socket of that country. European sockets have a completely different block, thus adaptors will be designed in those ways. It will be a warning sign if you’re demanded to buy a separate adaptor.

There wouldn’t be seams between different colors of plastic parts in a brand charger, but fakes will surely have them. Your safety has been assured by brand chargers when you are using their products. You will also notice that the metal tips are neat and insulation quality will be better in an original charger.

6. Take a closer look at wires and plugs

One of the most obvious ways to identify a fake product is to check its wire quality. An original cable would perfectly fit in the device while in a fake device some part of it will be either loose or be parted out.  In a few cases, the depth of the socket doesn’t match with the plug’s length.

The quality of the insulation and the symbols drawn on the plugs also can be used to identify a product. The markings should be erasable and the wire should be colored evenly and flexible.


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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