6 Times When Oscar Speech Got Political

If you think Politics is untouched with Film industry, then you are wrong. See this for yourself when Oscar speech got political. One of the earliest known example of the same was when Marlon Brando not only showed up, but he rejected the precious award through an actress. There are many examples of the same. Hold your breath, this article is going to give your goosebumps. Read when Oscar speech got political only on Wheebuzz.

Marlon Brando refused the Oscar for ‘The Godfather’

If you hear that someone has rejected the most prestigious award for just rights of people, then you certainly know that this courage can be showed up  by none other than perhaps the greatest method actor Marlon Brando.

In 1973, in Oscar ceremony, Marlon Brando won the best actor but he didn’t showed up on stage or ceremony, instead, a Little-known actress Sacheen Littlefeather represented him. Sacheen read the reasons for decline from Brando’s Oscar speech. The reason was the treatment of Indians in film industry. To this, one guy booed, and others applauded. Sacheen Littlefeather could not read everything.

Halle Berry got emotional after she won Oscar

This moment of Halle Berry became truly a rememberable speech and moment. She won the best actress award for 2002 movie Monster’s ball. She got emotional after winning the award, saying “It is a much bigger moment for every nameless and faceless woman who now have a chance because the door tonight has been opened”. This speech got much love and appreciation from the ceremony.

Michael Moore said “Shame on you, Mr. Bush”

Damn, that was very trigging. Michael Moore won Oscar for 2003 documentary Bowling for Columbine. The most rememberable part was his speech. He said “We live in the time where we have a man standing us to war for fictitious reasons. We are against this war Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush.”

Sean Penn criticised those who voted against gay marriage

Sean Penn won best actor for Milk (2009) and his Oscar speech was great. He said “It is a good time to those who have voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit in and anticipate the great shame and shame in their grandchildren eyes if they continue that way of support. We’ve got to have equal rights for everyone.”

John Legend and Common in 2015

Glory was a song which got Oscar award. In the Oscar speech, John Legend talked about Solomon whose story inspired the movie 12 years a slave in the year 2003. He said “the struggle for justice is now. We know that the voting rights Act that they fought 50 years ago at being compromised right now in this country today”.

Patricia Arquette urged for Wage equality and women’s equal rights

If you are a lover of equal rights of women, then you would very much admire the Patricia Arquette’s Oscar speech in 2015. “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America”, Patricia Arquette said.



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