6 Reasons Why We Need Marilyn Monroe Back

Today almost 56 years have passed of her death but she is still remembered even after so many years. One of the most beautiful women to have ever born on this planet in centuries Marilyn Monroe is certainly one of those people the World would always need back. It’s that sometimes somethings do not happen for good and one of them was the death of Marilyn, which is arguably suicide or accidental overdose of drugs. Seeing her one would surely wonder how the hell can someone be this perfect. Anyway, looks or beauty is not the only thing which adds up to the list, there are other reasons also why the planet of today wants the diva lady in this era.

WheeBuzz presents you reasons why we, not just cinema needs Marilyn Monroe back.

We miss her Beauty

Well, the first and foremost reason is the beauty which today’s girls are hard to match. The eyes, the nose, the lips and the face, as a whole can make anyone fall for her in seconds. An anonymous girl once wrote about Marilyn that she was super crazy about Marilyn in a way that she never married a guy and remained single all her life.

We still love that dumb blonde character

Marilyn Monroe was typecast as that dumb blonde, but the interesting part was she used to hate that Persona. Anyway, we still love that dumb blonde character which can’t be found in any other girl. In real life she was sensible and intelligent, having an IQ of 168.

We need more such quotes

Her personality behind her celebrity figure is just awesome. Although, he had been a Sexual bombshell for people, but on top of all this she was a wonderful person. Her quotes shows her experience in life such as “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Doesn’t that show she had an experienced persona. I liked “If you can make a women laugh, you can make her do anything”

Talent was incredible

She is known as one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses. According to one of the reports from Hollywood showbiz magazine, The “Blonde bombshell” character can not be played better by any actress. Also, her ways of living life were different from others.

The world need more real people

Well the fact why we know about Marilyn Monroe not being her real name and she not being a blonde originally, is that she never remained reserved about this and stayed real to her true character of herself. In fact her drug habit was not a mystery to people. And also, she was a very nice person by heart filled with love and humanity.

She was a mixture of the best and worst

Well, Marilyn has been truly described as a mystery and she literally was one for many people around her. Her mood swings and her depiction of herself to people could be the best and worst to some people. She was to some the best girl and to some the worst lady.



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