6 Really Awkward Talk Show Moments, Yes they happened!!

The emergence of talk shows has made the reach of celebs to public wider. It is talk shows that make both the celebs and public share this resonating thoughts. Since the beginning of talk shows in early 1950s, it has been a wonderful platform to connect with a celeb. But there are times when talk shows are known for other than just talks. Yes, I am talking about awkward moments happened over talk shows

WheeBuzz presents you the 8 of the really awkward talk show moments.

Tom Cruise lost his mind

On the Oprah Winfrey show in the year 2005, Tom Cruise suddenly lost his mind and started bouncing over the couch. He kept jumping and giving poses. Behaving as if nobody is around the site. Surprisingly, he was babbling about his love for Katie Holmes. This news became a viral stuff of the year.

Andy touching Ivanka inappropriately

This happened on The Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Andy dick, Ivanka Trump and Jimmy Kimmel- the host were talking and Andy started touching Ivanka’s leg in the wave of joke. He did it again and touched her hairs as well. Jimmy Kimmel, in middle gave a light and funny warning to Andy but Andy kept doing that.

Eventually, he was knocked out of the Jimmy Kimmel’s Show for the same by security gaurds.

Nicole busted Conon for staring at her boobs

Well, this is really insane and hilarious. In the middle of the show Nicole Scherzinger was telling a story about her judging opportunity of a reality show, and suddenly she said to Conon “Focus here (my face, not boobs)”.Audience started laughing. This was really embarrassing for Conon and he started behaving weirdly to let got the moment.

Andy Kaufman started asking for money from audience

During late 1970s, Andy Kaufman was a pretty much guest figure at the David Letterman show. In 1980, he appeared on the show fully restarted. Popular for his planned moves, one could never guess if he had faked it or it was real. In the show he started asking for money from audience, he even went to the audience and the audience, in return, even started giving money. Soon, he was sent outside.

Drew Barrymore’s gift to David Letterman

Another case form the David Letterman show. In 1995, Drew Barrymore was appeared guest on the show and when she came to know it was the host’s birthday, she started a sizzling dance in front of David on his table.

She even put her t-shirt up for less than a second, on which the audience went crazy. Seems like this was the best gift David Letterman had been gifted on his birthday.

Craig Ferguson and Sarah Shahi flirt

Craig Ferguson can be rightly called as the master of flirt of talk shows. Well, Sarah Shahi was all that matched his way. Both had a wonderful flirting session which went comically. Sarah later admitted to have done a little drinking in backstage. This is one of the rare awkward moments in front of audience.

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