6 Most Attractive Buildings in The World

This planet has some of the most beautiful and heart taking structures. The list of the day includes the most attractive and enticing buildings in the whole world. The list is based on not just the buildings but also the elegance around them, which truly makes them some of the most desirable structures to be included in this list. Following are the most attractive buildings in the world. Check the whole list only on Wheebuzz.

1. NeuschWanstein Castle

It is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world, voted by a number of travelling website as well as lifestyle websites. It was intended to be a King’s palace but soon after his death in the year 1881, it was opened for general public. Ever since then, a lot of people have visited it. It receives a crowd of around 1.4 million people every year. Isn’t it amazing?

2. Taj Mahal,rm&page=1&recency=anydate&suppressfamilycorrection=true

Taj Mahal is the white Marble World’s renowned structure that is usually find its place in the seven wonders of the World. Completed in the year 1642, it is an old yet beautiful piece of architecture. Taj Mahal is the most celebrated structures in the Indian history and Mughal history. Three things that are incredibly attractive about the building is its architecture, scenic beauty and history of the same.

3. Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles is a royal Chateau located in French. Shining with the European way of architecture, Palace of Versailles is the third most elegant structures in the World. A yet again old structure which was used as a political centre of the French king in seventeenth century untill kings were forced to leave it during the French Revolution. It is today one of the most visited places and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

4. Hungarian Parliament building

Hungarian Parliament building is one of the oldest buildings used for legislation in the world. It is probably the most visited tourist spot in the whole Hungary. The river flowing through it makes it even more marvelous as a building. Next time you visit Hungary, do not dare to miss the Hungarian Parliament building otherwise it will be your own loss.

5. Louvre Palace

The building was built in the fourteenth century for the French King of that time, but it is now a public place which receives one of the highest number of people in the whole Europe. Flowing through Louvre Palace is the French national river Seine. It is currently a museum and I must say, it is one of the most loved museum in the world.

6. Milan Cathedral Duomo

This is a church in Italy and is considered as one of the most amazing buildings in the world in the terms of architecture. One of the points that may surprise you is that the building was completed in almost six centuries. Yes, that is Right. Made from Italian Gothic style, it has its own fanbase, not just in Italy, but in the Whole world.



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