6 Highest IQ Countries In The World

While Human Development Index or the HDI and other indices may tell you about the standard of living and conditions in countries, but IQ is something no index can tell, rather nowhere they are mentioned. Today we have come up with the six highest IQ countries all across the world. This is going to be very interesting. So, hold your belt and check out the list of six or the highest IQ countries in the World, only on Wheebuzz.

Singapore- 108

Singapore is one of the highly developed country equipped with the mastery of technology as well as industrial development. One of the industrially powerful country Singapore has a major say in the global economics. Known for its global financial centre, multicultural population, and tourism, Singapore ranks first in the list of the highest IQ country with 108.

South Korea- 106

South Korea with 106 is yet another Asian country in the list, that too in the top two. However, some may be in big surprise seeing South Korea as the second highest IQ country, but that’s true. South Korea is one of the highest developed countries in that region. It is having much say in global affairs. The capital city Seoul is quite advanced in terms of technology as well as Industries.

Japan- 105

Japan’s capital Tokyo, according to Forbes is the smartest city as it has the hotbed of intellect, education and Innovation. This is true. We all have seen and experienced the development of Japan. The country in overall way is pretty disciplined and whatever has achieved it can be attributed to its hard work as well as discipline. Japan ranks their with 105.

Italy- 102

Italy is one of the most prosperous countries in the whole Europe. It earns a huge money from tourism only. The first non-Asian country in the list Italy is the fourth highest IQ state in the World with 102. The city Rome and the smallest country Vatican displays a rich art culture in Italy. Italy has a powerful impact on western culture.

Iceland- 101

A country which has hardly been named in any global war or global tension Iceland is the fifth smartest country in the World. Known for its peace as well as energy development through sustainable ways, Iceland is fifth in this list with 101. The island country is peaceful, beautiful and worth visiting atleast once in your lifetime.

Mangolia- 101

Had you ever thought to see Mangolia in this list? Probably not, right? Well, it was a bit unprecedented for me as well that I got surprised after seeing Mongolia in this list. Most of the people might not be knowing even the location of Mangolia. Mangolia is an Asian country sharing border with Russia and China. It is known for the nomadic culture. Genghis Khan, a popular historical figure was the king of this region in 13th-14th century AD. Mangolia having a rich history in itself, is the sixth highest IQ country in the World.



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